Bob Iger Addresses Elon Musk-Backed Lawsuit Against Disney

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Elon Musk sits with his leg crossed over his knee / Bob Iger smiles in a suit.

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Disney’s boss shared his brief thoughts on a recently filed lawsuit against the company.

Gina Carano poses on the red carpet in a yellow dress at the premiere of 'The Mandalorian.'
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The Walt Disney Company held its Q1 2024 earnings report Wednesday afternoon, revealing multiple upcoming projects as well as impressive financial figures for the company as a whole. CEO Bob Iger appeared on CNBC to discuss the results of the event and explored and answered questions in great depth, except for one.

When asked what his comments were regarding Gina Carano and Elon Musk’s lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company, Iger simply responded, “None.”

Carano filed the lawsuit earlier this week, claiming wrongful termination from The Mandalorian, among other things. According to the complaint, Disney and Lucasfilm harassed and defamed Carano for refusing to conform to certain political and ideological viewpoints held by the company. Carano was fired from The Mandalorian in 2021 ahead of production on season three, with her character’s absence being explained briefly in a season three episode.

Elon Musk is funding Carano’s lawsuit, which seeks at least $75,000 and for the actress to be recast.

Gina Carano as Cara Dune in 'The Mandalorian'
Credit: Lucasfilm

This is the latest development in the public fallout between Disney and Elon. To say the relationship between Elon Musk and The Walt Disney Company is strained would be an understatement, with Musk calling out the company at seemingly every chance he can get. This feud really started to take shape in 2023 when Musk told Bob Iger to “go f*** yourself” for practicing a temporary boycott of his X social media platform.

Multiple companies engaged in this boycott due to controversial and downright offensive comments Musk made on the platform, with Disney following suit, albeit for a short amount of time.

In the weeks and months since, Elon Musk’s attacks on Disney have only grown sharper, with the businessman even hinting at buying The Walt Disney Company outright. Elon Musk is a self-proclaimed champion for “Free Speech,” with the uber-wealthy entrepreneur developing somewhat of a hatred for The Walt Disney Company and its political and social stances.

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