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The Simpsons ride at Disneyland

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  1. Rachel

    Yes, Universal is making a mistake by letting Disney take the Simpsons! This sucks because I want to go back there 1 more time before they let it go. This part of the park is my favorite. This is one of the reasons we go to Universal. Disney has enough why let the take more?

  2. Steve

    Disney will not be owning the Simpsons for long due to being broken up under anti-monopoly law.

  3. Drew

    It’s about time. We avoid that area of the park. It’s way past It’s time.

  4. Not-a-sheep

    Turn it into a Bikini Bottom themed area.

    1. Steve

      Give us Hill Valley and a resurrected Back to the Future the Ride.

      1. Scott

        Back to the Future was/is a better ride expierence because it doesn’t rely on cartoon animation.
        I would take Back to the Future over the Simpson’s anytime.

  5. MuzzyFush

    I hope Universal let the Simpsons go. That whole area needs a serious revamp.

  6. Diana G.

    Does Disney really need to take everything enough Disney! Leave the Simpsons at Universal! Its our favorite!

  7. Shane

    We were there at the end of last February and had a great time in The Simpsons area of the theme park. We went on it twice the only ride we did twice. I hope they keep it for the next time we go as this time we all had covid and didn’t get to enjoy the theme parks to their fullest.

  8. Angie

    I hope this is NOT true. I love the Simpsons being in Universal.

  9. With the Fox brand phasing out by Disney this year after the purchase was completed, the Simpsons has to leave before their public domain on April 19, 2082, and Disney has to make a deal with Genting to get the rights to use the 3 IPs from the Malaysian park are night at the museum, independence day, and planet of the apes, and reuse the 3 other IPs from the project are alien, predator, and sons of anarchy and bring other IPs to Disney parks

  10. Phillip

    I haven’t seen the “Simpson’s” series in years! For me it isn’t a draw to any park.

  11. The props from the ride and the land itself were a direct tie to the Simpsons show brand and will be destroyed at the demand of Disney after Garfield at Kennywood from Paramount’s demand

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