Universal To Demolish Attraction After 20 Years

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Aerial view of Universal Studios at dusk featuring multiple roller coasters, various attractions, and brightly lit surroundings with nearby buildings and greenery.

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After nearly 20 years, Universal seeks to demolish the old Fear Factor Live Stadium, an attraction that has been out of commission since 2020, to make way for something new.

Universal Orlando Fear Factor Live stadium located inside of Universal Studios Florida.
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Universal Studios Florida Seeks to Demolish the Old Fear Factor Live Stadium to Make Way for Something New

Fear Factor Live, a live stunt stage show, was situated in the World Expo section of Universal Studios Florida. Resuming full-time operations in the summer of 2010 (excluding Halloween Horror Nights periods), the attraction drew inspiration from the NBC television series Fear Factor.

Park guests willingly became contestants, participating in various stunts reminiscent of the televised show. Unfortunately, in March 2020, the attraction temporarily shuttered its doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Regrettably, Universal officially announced in October 2021 that the Attraction would not see a reopening.

As mentioned above, in 2021, Universal announced that the Fear Factor Live show would not be returning and has remained vacant ever since, aside from Halloween Horror Nights using the stadium for its Nightmare Fuel stage show, which ran in three parts, with the final show allegedly ending last year during HHN 32. But Universal is ready for change as a rumor has risen that the stage will be demolished in the coming months.

The Universal Studios globe on a sunny day in Orlando, Florida.
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Bye Bye, Fear Factor Stadium?

A new rumor from a website called Screamscape was released on January 14, indicating that the site has some inside knowledge from Universal that the theme park is looking to demolish the stage to make way for something new. The demolition is rumored to occur between March and April, only a few months from this article’s release date.

Per the rumor from Screamscape:

Screamscape sources tell us to keep an eye on the former Fear Factor Live show venue at Universal Studios Florida. Over the years the venue has been closed and rumored for demolition a few times, only for plans to change and the replacement project to get dropped. Now that time has come again, and Screamscape has been told we could see demolition of the arena begin in March or April of this year to clear the site for something new.

Now, speculation about what will replace the venue has risen, from making way for an expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to another IP entirely.

An aerial photo of Universal Studios Orlando Florida
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Screamscape has mentioned that the venue will make way for something “entirely new for Universal Orlando.”

 Of course, you want to know about what is coming… but for the time being I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I may have dropped a hint however a few weeks back… but otherwise stay tuned, as once signs of activity in the park begin I should be able to share more. Just don’t expect for it to tie into the IPs of the attractions on either side of it. This will be something entirely new for Universal Orlando.

– Screamscape

When it comes to information circulating about theme parks like Universal Orlando Resort, individuals need to approach rumors with a discerning mindset and take them with a grain of salt. Theme park environments often generate speculation and hearsay; not all information may be accurate or reliable. To ensure precise understanding and avoid misinformation, relying on official announcements and verified sources is advisable, maintaining skepticism towards unverified rumors within the dynamic landscape of theme park discussions.

But if proven accurate, the Men In Black attraction and Fear Factor Live stadium venue is a combined 5.5 acres, which could be interesting to see what Universal Orlando Resort has in store as the stadium will make way for a new attraction or experience for guests in the coming year or two.

What are your thoughts on the Fear Factor Live stadium rumored to be demolished at Universal Studios Florida? 

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