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Now that Mickey Mouse from 'Steamboat Willie' is in the public domain, artists created these three images of Mickey Mouse holding a knife and fork with bodily fluids coming out of his mouth, smiling on a poster that says "DO CRIME," and performing a sexual act on himself. All swear words and explicit imagery are censored in this image.

Credit: @boxabot, @Klobstar, and @limitlessjest all via X (formerly known as Twitter)


  1. Daryl

    All these people should be murdered.

    1. Jake

      That’s not very pro-life of you

  2. P.C.Knott

    Disney has always represented family values in the past. Despite recent viewpoints, those wanting to turn Mickey Mouse or any other Disney character into something else, has to have some sort of deranged thought process that they would want to tarnish the original images. Do they honestly believe their altered creation will benefit them emotionally, financially or anything else?

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