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Indiana Jones with mist in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Rose

    No one can replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones!

    1. Connie


  2. Robert Aungst

    I think it is time to replace and do some of the other books that was wrote or written and give someone else a chance at the big title. Don’t get me wrong Harrison Ford was one of the best for the rolls but there could be others to hopefully fill in his spot.

  3. Jerry Hampton

    I will miss Harrison Ford. I like his person, often feeling like I am a lot like him. I am unsure if I would go see Indiana Jones with someone else playing the part.

  4. Scott Sawyer

    They killed Han Solo. Disney has ruined my two biggest forms of entertainment.
    Indiana Jones

  5. Nick B

    I actually enjoyed Dial of Destiny. My coworkers and I all unequivocally agreed that we’d pay to see a full de-aged feature length film. I really can’t see another person in the role. Come up with an equally good actor and script, and just call it something else. Start something new.

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