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Mickey Mouse greets a young boy and his dad as they eat breakfast at Storytellers Cafe.

Credit: Disney


  1. Marie

    Not just a kid…..you never know WHO….may have really needed that hug that day. No matter what their age.

    1. SS

      Walt had a hard childhood, so that rule probably stemmed from there.

  2. Dodger

    Ever ask Mary Poppins for a hug? If you’re an adult and not an adorable tot, that can be quite the gamble.

  3. Paul W

    I’m an avid 53 year old Disney fan who loves to wear bright colored Disney themed clothes of all kinds while visiting the parks. And let me tell you, I go just as gaga over some of the characters as the kids do. I love speaking with them as if they really are the character they are portraying, and it truly makes my day when they hug me and it’s all perfectly innocent. Stories of other adults getting creepy with the characters truly makes me sad, because that goes against every value Disney ever taught me through its movies and stories. People who do that don’t understand Disney and should never visit the park at all.

    1. SS

      Those people who make it creepy have something wrong with them to begin with! You seem to remember your inner child when you go, which is the whole reason for the “fantasy”, to have a good time!

  4. Hi_It_is_Me

    I’m a character performer, and this isn’t even a real thing… In character training we are taught to “Love and Shove” meaning, hug/quick interaction, photo, bye.

  5. Ed

    There is so many with my kids one of the hardest for our family. My son was maybe 6 and we went to the Grand Floridian and as we turned a corner there was Pluto, and of course our son dead run at him. He tackled Pluto with the hug, and the handler went rushing at our child to separate and I said” he just wants to hug him” the handler stopped and watched.My son was in such a embrace that I don’t think anyone/anything else was noticed. I recall the hug lasted for awhile and the handler was so good and gracious about it. Finally my son stepped back and the whole trip was worth it.

  6. Jessica

    Are adults accepted in this rule too? I love watching children meet their favorite characters, but I know how much adults love meeting their favorite characters too. I’m one of them.

  7. Sherman

    I’ve always been told you can’t hug the characters but yet when they greet you their arms are open wide so it’s the employee of Disney breaking a Disney rule but yet I actually got banned from going to Disney for doing such hugging characters

  8. Phillip

    Characters remember if the guest looks a few cans short of a six pack… don’t hug them…RUN

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