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Gina Carano as Cara Dune in 'The Mandalorian'

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Al

    She’ll have one of the biggest lines there.

    1. mikey37589

      shes another pale karen. loser. whyte folks smh

  2. jarnold

    The people who are pissed are not “fans” … they are deranged woke losers who have never been fans of Star Wars. She was invited by Megacon because, unlike Disney they are interested in pleasing Star Wars fans and making money. Her presence will boost attendance at this show and make it more profitable. Period.

  3. TrashPanda

    SHE would be the only reason I would go! I stopped watching The Mandalorian when they didn’t bring her back. She was my favorite character on the show.

    She’s not even close to being “disgraced”.

  4. LedRush

    I think the author is divorced from reality. Most fans don’t care either way and she’ll have huge support on the floor.

  5. She should definitely be there! She was unjustly fired & since she left it’s been dull. I am from New York & will go just to see her!

  6. Joe

    Author doesn’t know much about the reality of the situation. Gina Carano is a massive draw and will do well at the show. People on Twitter/X aren’t fans, just activists.
    People who actually have spent money on the property still like Carano.

    1. Metta

      Having an opinion should not be grounds for blacklisting this woman!! I am so looking forward when this pettiness will stop. Live and let live for Christ Sake!!
      Be apart of the solution NOT a part of the problem!

  7. Booga Jobba, Bobo, Waka

    Yes, yes and yes indeed!!!
    Signed: Booga/Jobba/Bobo/Waka

  8. Marik

    If you like her go see her if you don’t, don’t go see her. In the immortal words of Jar Jar “Simples!”

  9. jarnold

    “Disgraced Star Wars Actress” confirms that the author is an ignorant uninformed moron. I and many other Star Wars REAL fans lean left and are not bothered by Gina Carano being a moderate centrist. But we all have contempt for Lucafilms politicizing and ruining Star Wars.

    1. mikey37589

      stop whining

    2. Paco


  10. mikey37589

    youre gay

  11. Paco

    Hope she comes back

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