Haunted Mansion Destruction Outrages Fans

in Disneyland Resort

A sign that reads "Haunted Mansion" in front of the white mansion holding the attraction of the same name at Disneyland Park.

Credit: Disney

It’s a sad day for Haunted Mansion fans.

It was announced last year that Disneyland California’s Haunted Mansion would be closing indefinitely this month to undergo an extensive refurbishment and renovation period. Part of those plans includes expanding the current queue line and adding a retail shop to the ride’s exit area. These plans are part of an “enhanced theming” overhaul of the attraction, and Haunted Mansion is not expected to reopen until sometime later this fall.

Concept art for a new garden in New Orleans Square.
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When the closure was first announced, fans expressed their disappointment due to the fact that the attraction would close on the Nightmare Before Christmas holiday overlay of the ride. Each year from about August to January, the Haunted Mansion is outfitted with props and characters from the iconic stop-motion Halloween/Christmas classic. The overlay requires several weeks of downtime to put up and take down, and has been the source of ire and contention among Disneyland fans and guests for several years due to how little time the attraction actually spends in its normal state.

The Haunted Mansion is perhaps one of the most popular Disney attractions, if not the most popular. There’s a version of the attraction at every Disney theme park, and it’s been the source of inspiration for two live-action movies. Its supporters argue that due to the attraction’s original theming, it shouldn’t be overlaid for Halloween since it’s already a perfectly spooky attraction. However, the holiday overlay isn’t the source of the outrage this time.

Haunted Mansion decorated
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Technically, the attraction doesn’t close until January 22, but construction crews are already at work tearing down parts of the ride’s outdoor queue. In a post shared to X/Twitter by @DJME2WRCHSLC, they ask “any idea west (sic) they are doing with the old waiting area for Haunted Mansion? Just better waiting area? More Diane (sic) being used than before.” In addition to the post, they shared two images of the queue’s cemetery area, which now features bright red spray paint markings across the tombstones and piles of bricks around the rest. Fans were quick to share their outrage over the current state of the queue, hopeful that it will be worth the destruction.

“Disney had best be making the greatest queue possible because this is going to trigger so many people,” shared @FrshBakedDisney. “H O L Y F U C K. I knew it was gonna happen but this is jarring to see,” exclaimed @Adorian1989. “As theme park fans, there are certain things that hurt and this happens to be one of them. Yes our beloved HM is getting an external upgrade. But, man does it hurt to see it this way,” @ThemeParkDuo commented.

“Again. This is history of this attraction just gone. I get I’m going to be that asshole that argued with you all just how big of a change was going to happen and you fought back how it wasn’t a big deal. This is devastatingly sad to me. This is my favorite attraction,” @Stcrazypants shared. “Holy cow, they wasted no time,” @MarkFloyedThaut said.

Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park
Credit: Disney

It’s certainly surprising to see the attraction in such a state of ruin, especially considering it still has two full days of operation, but Disney seems to be wasting no time in an effort to start the project and get the attraction reopened as soon as possible. Considering the ride’s indefinite closure period, current speculation is that it won’t reopen until this fall and will reopen as the holiday overlay, meaning the Haunted Mansion may not be experienced in its original form at all this year. While disappointing for Haunted Mansion lovers, hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

What do you think of the Haunted Mansion? Is it one of your favorites or is it overrated? Let us know in the comments below!

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