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Punisher, Daredevil, Kingpin and Echo

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  1. Profx

    Even Disney knows that Echo sucks. If you like Marvel then find reprints of the old comic books or watch some of the early Marvel series, such as Daredevil, that appeared on Amazon Prime awhile ago.
    Disney has almost destroyed both Star Wars and Marvel films.
    That is quite an accomplishment

    1. AllenL

      I think the show will bring a new life to D+ a more dark part I think they should be doing 2 different sagas one like the avengers action a lot of jokes etc and one of R rated ones Deadpool echo etc. like that every one gets what they want

  2. Mark Graff

    Jesus Marvel. Stand by your s#!+… No one wanted an Echo series. But you made one. So stand by it. Have some pride in your failures or else you’ll never re-find the spark that made these Marvel productions successful in the first place. Christ you guys stood by The Incredible Hulk and that was almost as bad as Ang Lee’s skid mark. Stand by your s#!+.

  3. StevenT

    Another minor Marvel character that no one heard of or cares a out.

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