Disney Censors New ‘Bluey’ Episode in the U.S.

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The Heelers on Vacation in Bluey

Credit: Ludo Studios

Bluey has become one of the most beloved and popular children’s shows in the world, but a newly-released episode was reportedly censored.

Bluey is an Australian animated television series that has captured the hearts of both children and adults worldwide since its debut in 2018. Created by Joe Brumm, this charming show revolves around the adventures of a lovable Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family, including her dad, Bandit, mom, Chilli, and younger sister, Bingo. The show is set in the sunny suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, and beautifully depicts the simple joys of everyday life as seen through the eyes of a playful and imaginative pup.

Bluey and Bingo playing
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Recently, the show released 10 new episodes on Disney+, and it has been one of the most-binged series on the streaming platform in the last few days, even for adult fans.

TikTok @aussiegirlmargie recently showed a video of a change that Disney elected to make to the episode “Relax,” which is Season 3, Episode 40. Of course, this one, as the user points out, may have been warranted.


Disney edited/censored bluey again! But maybe its understandable this time…. New bluey season 3c eps just dropped on disney plus! #bluey #blueytok #blueyheeler #disney #disneyplus #blueyrelax #blueyseason3c #disneycensorship #blueyedit #blueycensored #newbluey

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“But maybe it’s understandable this time,” she said.

As you can see in the video, which shows the Australian version and the U.S. version back-to-back, Disney elected to change the phrase spoken by Bandit from “Dingleberries” to “Super Troopers.” In Australia, the word “dingleberry” has a completely different meaning than what Americans know the word to mean. Because of that, Disney elected to make the change, and most fans who have seen the video agreed it was likely the right decision for the children’s show.

Bandit and Bingo in Stickbird
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This isn’t the first time that a Bluey episode was banned or censored. As a matter of fact, there have been multiple episodes of the beloved children’s show that have not aired in the U.S. for several different reasons.

What sets Bluey apart from many other children’s shows is its remarkable ability to balance entertainment and education seamlessly. Each episode of the series not only entertains young viewers with heartwarming stories but also imparts valuable life lessons and encourages creativity and problem-solving. Whether it’s learning about teamwork, resilience, or the importance of family, Bluey manages to convey these messages in a fun and relatable way.

Bluey steals Bingo's brush
Credit: Ludo/Disney+

Bluey is streaming on Disney+ and can be watched on Disney Junior. There are three seasons in total of the beloved show.

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