Roseanne Appears “Wobbly,” Incomprehensible in Bizzare Rant

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Roseanne Barr next to John Goodman, Roseanne on a stage.

Credit: ABC / Turning Point USA

Roseanne Barr is perhaps one of the most controversial figures to cut ties with The Walt Disney Company. Her beloved ABC sitcom, Roseanne, ran for nine seasons from 1988 to 1997. The series was briefly rebooted for a tenth season in 2018 before the network axed her for a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, adviser to former President Barack Obama.

Despite Barr’s firing, ABC made five more seasons of the reboot, abruptly killing Roseanne and showing the family moving forward without its matriarch. Renamed The Conners, the series features original Roseanne stars John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman, and Lecy Goranson. The sixth season is expected to air in 2024.

The Conner family sits on a couch watching TV.
Credit: ABC

As her costars went on without her, Barr moved entirely into the conservative entertainment sphere. She became a champion against “cancel culture,” once joking that “no one died in the Holocaust.”

On Saturday, Barr spoke at Turning Point USA’s AmeriFest conference. But even in front of her most devoted audience, the comedian failed to induce laughter:

AMERICAFEST is BACK! WATCH LIVE: Charlie Kirk, Roseanne Barr, Patrick Bet-David and others take the stage. Join us for the biggest event in the conservative movement! #AmFest2023

The Wrap called Barr’s entrance “wobbly.” Her words were strung together incoherently and randomly–at one point, she screamed “Fight!” at the silent crowd at least a dozen times.

“If we don’t stop these horrible Communists — do you hear me? I’m asking you to hear me, Stalinists, Communists, with a huge helping of Nazi fascists thrown in, plus one caliphate!” Barr said. “To replace every Christian democracy on Earth now! Occupy! Do you know that?! I just want the truth.”

The Conner family poses for a family photo.
Credit: ABC

It’s unclear precisely who Barr was referring to, though she seemed to criticize both Democrats and Republicans. Her rambling rant was leagues different than the stand-up comedy that inspired Roseanne all those years ago.

“We deserve to hear the truth,” she continued. “That’s what we want! We want the truth! We don’t care which party is wrong, we know they’re both nothing but crap! They’re both on the take! They’re both stealing us blind! We just want the truth about everything we fought and died and suffered to protect! We want the truth!”

Roseanne laughs on the Conner family's couch.
Credit: ABC

The audience remained largely silent throughout the 20-minute speech, but Barr hit her stride towards the end with jokes about vaccines making people sterile and Joe Biden’s 2020 election win.

Barr’s segment concluded in triumphant applause–though it’s unclear if the audience was applauding the content of her speech or the end of it.

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