Universal Guests Struck With Deathly Illness After Visiting the Parks

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A couple of Universal guests have been struck with a deathly illness following a visit to the parks recently.

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A Universal park is raising eyebrows following an attraction that ended up having a 990-minute wait time, leading to guests questioning what was going on and whether or not this was a direct result of the official Universal app malfunctioning and having a technical glitch.

Another Universal Park is saying goodbye to a beloved and iconic Spider-Man attraction after nearly ten years of operation within the location. The park has no announcement letting guests know what ride or attraction will replace the site of the now closed-down The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride.

A thief at another Universal Park stole $1,000 from a victim while on a Universal attraction. The female thief stole from a guest while riding Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge around 10 a.m. a few months back. More updates have been given on the situation.

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The park in question that the article is covering is none other than Universal Studios Japan. Universal Studios Japan is a 133-acre theme park in Osaka, Japan. It opened on March 31, 2001, and was the second Universal Studios theme park outside the United States. It’s now Universal’s most-visited theme park, with over 14 million visitors in 2019.

Some say the park is busy all year round, so you should plan carefully and buy tickets and Express Passes in advance. Others say the park has great stores, food, and drink. 

The park’s hours vary by season, but opening time is typically between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m., and closing time between 7 and 9 p.m. Extended hours are implemented on some weekends and public holidays. Tickets usually cost between 2,500 yen ($16.61) and 7,315 yen ($48.61).
Recently, a couple who visited the parks ended up falling deathly ill and decided to try and uncover the mystery of their sickness.
Harry Potter flies over the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan
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A couple who visited Universal Studios Japan ended up catching food poisoning, falling deathly ill, and attempting to uncover why or how they got sick in the first place. The couple posted to the popular social media platform Reddit to uncover the truth:

My partner and I went to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka yesterday. Unfortunately, my partner immediately fell ill with food poisoning around 11pm on the same day.

We ate at Three Broomsticks restaurant in Harry Potter World at around 6pm for dinner. My partner ordered the Sunday Beef Roast dish which we suspect he might have gotten food poisoning from (I ate the Christmas meal dish and feeling fine). He did not eat anything since then so the Sunday Beef Roast was the last thing he ate before the food poisoning symptoms kicked in.

Intention for this post is not to slander, we had the best time in the park otherwise! Just curious if anyone might have the same symptoms or is this a common occurrence for Universal Studios Japan?

The couple did enjoy their time in the parks and ensured to let others know that the sickness they ended up getting was not a direct result of them not enjoying themselves while at Universal Studios Japan.

But if you’ve had food poisoning, then you know how deadly it can feel, especially when you’re on vacation and not able to be in the comfort of your home. You can read the entire Reddit thread by clicking here.

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