Netflix Shuts Down Multiple Beloved Productions, Issues Official Cancelation Notice

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Lately, we have been seeing a lot of changes with Netflix, and now, the platform will be cutting down five more shows.

Credit: Netflix

If you are someone who has a Disney+, Hulu, Max, Paramount+, Peacock, or any other streaming service subscription, you likely started your “collection” with a Netflix subscription.

Netflix, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, started as a DVD rental-by-mail service, allowing customers to rent DVDs online and have them shipped to their homes. The company quickly gained popularity as an alternative to traditional video rental stores. In 2007, Netflix introduced its streaming service, enabling subscribers to instantly watch movies and TV shows on their computers.

The shift to streaming marked a significant turning point for Netflix, as it eventually phased out its DVD-by-mail service. The company began producing its original content in 2013 with the release of House of Cards, followed by other successful series like Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things. This move into content production transformed Netflix into a major player in the entertainment industry.

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Over the years, Netflix expanded its streaming service globally, reaching millions of subscribers worldwide. The platform’s success revolutionized the way people consume entertainment, popularizing the binge-watching culture. Netflix’s vast library, personalized recommendations, and innovative approach to content delivery have solidified its position as a leading streaming service, continually shaping the landscape of the entertainment industry. Now, the streaming service has over 262 million subscribers, leading the streaming wars.

As we previously touched upon, the original content that Netflix produces is a major financial sector for the company. Now, newer originals like Tim Burton’s Wednesday and Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton are examples of original series that have smashed streaming records, and caused more people to either join Netflix or convince them to keep the platform in anticipation for the next episode or season in which the story can continue.

Wednesday Addams, Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams
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In a way, Netflix is a sort of drug.

Recently, we shared that Netflix divulged itself of 138 movies and TV series, all in one month. 

This massive purge shocked users, especially due to the price hikes that have been recently implemented. As we noted, “Unfortunately, [Netflix] has also raised its prices in the U.S., U.K. and France. In the U.S., ads ($6.99) and Standard plans ($15.49) will stay the same, while Basic will now be $11.99 and Premium $22.99.”

Netflix has also confirmed another price rise coming to the platform just in time for Christmas.

With content leaving the platform and prices rising, many would assume that means there is an onslaught of content on the way, right?

Aside from the now-ended SAG-AFTRA strike having halted all productions for over 100 days, which certainly has affected Netflix’s release schedule, they have now announced even more shows that are being canceled entirely.

Eleven and Will Byers in Stranger Things season 4.
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Deadline reported, “Netflix will not be going forward with more seasons of live-action series Shadow and Bone and Glamorous and adult animated comedies Agent Elvis, Farzar and Captain Fall.

The decision was made a week after the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike and a month and a half after the end of the WGA work stoppage as networks and platforms continue to evaluate the impact of the strike-related seven-month production shutdown.”

The scheduling disruptions caused by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have created a logistical challenge for networks and streaming services. The delays in writing and filming have likely led to a backlog in content, affecting the planned launches of shows and causing a significant gap between seasons (all of the show aside from Shadow and Bone, had only completed their first season.)

Shadow and Bone canceled on Netflix
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Shadow and Bone was actually a highly popular adult animated series, but its second season did not perform as well as expected.

Many fans of the show have taken to social media to share their sadness of the news. One example comes from Ivy (@defaultbrekker), who wrote, “me when I catch whoever decided to cancel shadow & bone“, with a gif of Katniss Everdeen choking Peeta in The Hunger Games.

Deadline continued, “The growing list of TV series canceled during or after the strikes include ABC’s The Rookie: Feds and Home Economics; Fox’s Welcome To Flatch; Freeform’s Praise Petey; Paramount+’s Rabbit Hole, Fatal Attraction and Joe Pickett; MGM+’s Chapelwaite; Prime Video’s The Peripheral and A League Of Their Own; HBO’s The Idol and Winning Time; Apple TV+’s The Afterparty, City On Fire, Suspicion and High Desert; Starz’s Heels, Run The World, Blindspotting, Ava DuVernay romantic drama series and The Venery of Samantha Bird; and Showtime’s Gattaca, Seasoned and I Love that for You.

While the strike certainly took its toll on a variety of shows, Netflix is planning on bouncing back with new content. CEO Ted Sarandos did discuss the company’s future and goals now that the strike is over, and it seems Wednesday and Stranger Things, the company’s two top-watched English-speaking shows, will take priority. Stranger Things is expected to have more filming information released soon, and Wednesday will begin filming in Ireland next year.

Are you sad to hear of more shows being canceled by Netflix? Do you still think the platform is worth the money? 


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