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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman on the battlefield

Credit: Warner Bros. / DC


  1. Mvberk

    Gal Gadot

  2. Danielle

    Not sure who’s gonna play Wonder Woman, but almost 100% sure that it won’t be Gal, Gunn’s plan seems to be to recast the entire Justice League to air all the Snyder stink out of the new DCU

    1. Unijuxtapose

      Nice try your not fooling anyone gunn
      GAL GADOT…accept no sub

      1. Billy

        Gal Gadot all the way or just say no to any more Wonder Woman movies

  3. Andrea

    Stop recasting the Justice League. Gal and the other stars are the icons of the characters they play. No one can fill their shoes or costumes. Gunn and his partner, shall fail with new people playing these roles and go broke! It is not broken, so don’t try to fix it.

    1. Kay

      Gal the idf scum needs to go. Murderer by association

      1. B

        That’s very antisemitic

  4. J

    Jessica Holiday

  5. Sandra

    It should be Gal! Don’t change a good thing!

  6. Dr. Smith

    Circe is most recognized for her appearance in The Odyssey by Homer, where she turns his whole battalion into various animals, including pigs.
    Nope. Homer wrote about Circe; there was never an actual encounter between the two. Ulysses was the man involved, and he had no “battalion”–he had a *crew* with whom he was trying to get back home. Read a book!

  7. Andy

    100% Gal Gadot! she’s been the best of DCU has had since their first movies sad to say the DCU movies have not been on par for the most part with marvel but Wonder Woman has been a winner from the start. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  8. Steve

    Well bypu heard of Deadpool kills the Marvel universe now this time its James Gunn kills the DC universe…..he’s that bad for DC

  9. Will

    Keep Gal!

  10. Ron Alford

    James Gunn needs to be replaced and leave things alone. Henry Cavill was by far the best superman. Ben Affleck the best ever Batman. There is no way there will be a better Wonder Woman then Gal Gadot. These folks brought me back in to the DC universe.

  11. Larry Aldridge

    Well obviously James Gunn is a person who can’t be trusted. I have no intention of seeing any of his movies in the theater. Will wait for cable and not sure i will watch then. He told Gal Gadot she had nothing to worry about . That they loved her as Wonder Woman and were going to develop WW 3 together! Now everyone seems to be portraying Gal Gadot as a liar! Well I dont believe Gal lied for one moment! He told her that! Now he is hiding like a coward refusing to acknowledge what he told her! The only way i would ever drop a dime on a James Gunn film is if Gal is Wonder Woman! That does not seem likely , he is such a tool. He compleyely ruined Guardians of the Galaxy 3! Bringing Gamora back only to have her nothing like the one who died was just awful! I for one think Superman legacy will be a joke. The casting already stinks with a Henry Cavil look alike in the role is pathetic and down right shameful! When the box office returns stink maybe then Warner Brothers will see hiring him waa a huge mistake! Good luck to you, all i will be watching!

    1. Larry Aldridge

      I had few typos. Let me correct them . I meant to say good luck to you all, i will not be watching! Not that i would be. And hiring Mr.Gunn was a huge mistake not waa. Lol thank you.

      1. Guster2354

        People don’t seem to get that cycling in new actors isn’t anything new.A lot of the Justice League team was good but a new vision needs new actors. People cried about Robert Pattinson as Batman until he came out and killed it which I didnt see coming. Enjoy it for the updated story telling that it is and quit being childish brats about it. You guys ruin a good thing with complaining.

  12. David

    James Gunn is a traitor and he kicked Gal Gadot out!!! I can’t stand him and I don’t like him. I will never go to his movie, EVER!!!! I would love to give him a black eyes and broken teeth. I WANT GAL GADOT BACK AS WONDER WOMAN!!! I’m a big fan of Gal Gadot and he kicked her out.

  13. Bill Daverne

    Gal should stay.
    Ezra Miller should go.

  14. Russell

    Gal is the only one who can play wonder woman apart from Linda Carter

  15. IsoldeSabine

    GAL GADOT! At first I was totally against the choice & then I saw her brief appearances w/ Bats & Sups. But it was her 1st solo Wonder Woman movie that completely convinced me & everyone in our household Gal embodies EVERYTHING the Amazonian Princess Diana embodies. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO HER JUSTICE!!@

  16. Jmac67

    The only 2 possibilities would be Adrienne Palicki or Alexandra Daddario. They have the look and both have some comic/super hero backgrounds.

  17. Scott

    If it can’t be gal Godot then how about Kathryn law?! (From ncis)

    1. Jack

      Alexandra Daddario best option.

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