Major Film Studio Facing Immense Backlash After Offensive Tweet Goes Viral

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Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Lilly Gladstone, and Leonardo DiCaprio on set of "Killers of the Flower Moon" produced by Paramount Pictures

Credit: Paramount Pictures

A significant film studio is in hot waters following a controversial and highly insensitive tweet that was posted and immediately deleted.

major film studio - Bob Iger in the middle, flanked by Star Wars cast on left and Marvel Studios' Avengers on right
Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Inside the Magic

Actor Strike Finally Over as Hollywood Actors Reach Agreement – Major Film Studio

The 2023 actors’ strike is over. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) reached a deal to end the 118-day strike. The strike was the longest in Hollywood’s history. 

The new deal includes: 
  • Two wage increases in the first year of the contract
  • A more significant share of streaming revenue goes to performers
  • A bolstering of benefit plans
  • Protections against the unfettered use of artificial intelligence in recreating performances
Members are expected to formally approve the contract by voting in the next few weeks. But how did this all start?
major film studio - Christopher Nolan on the set of Dunkirk standing next to an IMAX camera
Credit: HellaCinema via Wikimedia Commons

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How Did the SAG-AFTRA vs. Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Strike Start?

Demands for sparked the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike:
  • Better pay and working conditions
  • A share of streaming service revenue
  • Protection from being replaced by digital replicas generated by AI
  • Better compensation and benefit plans
  • Contracts that include provisions for artificial intelligence
  • Compensation for actors based on the streaming performance of their shows and movies
  • A basic pay increase to keep up with inflation
The strike was led by changes in the industry caused by streaming, its effect on residuals, and other new technologies like AI and digital recreation. The strike lasted 118 days. The two unions had been on strike together since 1960. Studios negotiated with the writers first, striking a deal their leadership marked as a significant win and ending their strike on September 26. The major film studios that were part of the strikes were Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros. Discovery, Amazon, Paramount Pictures, and NBC Universal.
Speaking of Paramount Pictures, the film studio faces immense backlash after an insensitive tweet was quickly removed but already made the rounds across the social media world.
Paramount Pictures, Amazon Studios, and Apple Studios logos side by side.
Credit: Inside The Magic

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Sometime earlier this week, a tweet was sent out by an X user, @DocNoirII, that read, “this is crazy,” referring to a still of Robert De Niro’s character from Killers of the Flower Moon (2023), directed by Martin Scorsese. In the film, De Niro plays a character named William Hale, who, in real life, was a “mastermind of murders.” The film is based on the book by David Grann, released in 2017.

 The book tells the true story of how a white businessman orchestrated the murders of numerous members of the Osage Nation in early 1920s Oklahoma. The murders occurred during a period called the “Reign of Terror.” In the tweet, we see someone from the Paramount Pictures marketing department or someone who runs their X account say the following:
major film studio - A tweet from the former Twitter platform, now called X, between a user and Paramount Pictures.
Credit: @CultureCrave on X, formally Twitter

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Many fans are speculating whether the words, “You know he had to do it to ’em,” was a reference to De Niro’s portrayal of the character or if the tweet was directed at the historical moments that took place in which many Native Americans lost their lives during the 1920s.
Either way, the tweet is still found to be highly insensitive by many and extremely offensive, which is most likely why Paramount Pictures quickly attempted to delete the tweet before anyone was able to grab a screenshot or save it. But as always, the internet always wins.
What are your thoughts on the tweet above? 

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