Jared Leto Climbed the Empire State Building For Crazy Reason

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Jared Leto remains a groundbreaking “renaissance man” of his time with an illustrious Oscar-winning acting career, as well as being the lead singer to one of the most popular rock bands ever. The Suicide Squad star is regularly known to raise many eyebrows in the public eye with stories of his devout style of method acting. This same impressive yet unnerving passion reappeared once again as the famed rockstar baffled onlookers as he proceeded to climb to the top of the Empire State Building.

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It was “Morbin’ time” yet again for the legendary Morbius star, who scaled a section outside to reach the summit of one of the most famous buildings in the world. Captivated bystanders recorded the event as the 51-year-old rocker methodically climbed to the very top. Once he finished, he was swarmed with reporters to inquire the reason for this death-defying act.


Jared Leto CLIMBED the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING to announce the upcoming WORLD TOUR of his band, ‘Thirty Seconds to Mars’ #fyp #jaredleto #empirestatebuilding #climb #wow #viral

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Leto expressed that, “I was more excited than nervous to tell you the truth but to be very honest, it was really, really difficult. It proved to be far more difficult than I had anticipated. Just the endurance that it took, the stamina that it took, and it was very sharp.”

The Haunted Mansion actor displayed his wounds of victory as presented a bloody left hand. The result from grappling sharp corners of the New York City building during his ascent. Leto stated that he could finally cross this bold endeavor off his bucket list. In addition, the press proved beneficial to promote the upcoming world tour of his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, with his brother, Shannon Leto, that will run from March to September of 2024.

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When asked what it was like at the top, he disclosed that, “It’s incredible to watch the sun rise overlooking the city, that’s meant so much to me. Ever since I was a kid, New York stood for the place that you went to make your dreams come true.” He continued, “And as a young kid, I wanted to be an artist, and New York was the place that you came to be an artist. And the Empire State Building was always that symbol for me.”

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The Academy Award winner known for playing the Clown Prince of Crime and a ripped vampire acted more like Spider-Man as he wall-crawled his way up the Empire State building’s east side from floors 86 to 104 in about 20 minutes, reaching an altitude of over 1,300 feet. Then, once he reached the illuminated section of the structure, Leto scaled another three levels to reach the ice shield, which sits at the foot of the structure’s recognizable antenna.

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This Dallas Buyers Club thespian regaled viewers that when, “I made it to the top, and I was just saying, I saw my mother in the window of the 80th floor, and that was a nice surprise.” This support served as an emotional stamina booster. This achievement confirmed Jared Leto to be the only person to have ever lawfully climbed to the top of the Empire State Building. This discounts the 1994 daredevil Alain Robert, often called the “the French Spider-Man,” who originally ascended the building without approval.

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Jared Leto did not “free climb” Empire State. He ensured his safety by bringing full climbing gear, complete with ropes to keep him in place in case he lost his grasp. His technical prowess as a climber paid off as his skills served as free publicity to promote Thirty Seconds to Mars’ sixth studio album.

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The renowned rocker has previously pulled off similar exploits including bungee jumping onto his performance platform in front of thousands of people. He also scaled a Berlin hotel wall without a harness. His devotion to the skillset of climbing may not have gotten him closer to Mars in 30 seconds, but he made it to the clouds in 20 minutes.

What do you think of his publicity stunt? Does Jared Leto’s extreme antics make him more likeable or annoying?

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