Highly-Offensive and Disgusting R-Rated Movie Makes Disney+ Debut

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Freddy Got Fingered on Disney+.

Credit: 20th Century Studios (Left), Disney (Right)

A shocking movie has just made its way to Disney+.

Cassian Andor with a transparent Tony Gilroy
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Disney+ is your go-to spot for any and everything owned by Disney. There’s a near-endless amount of content that fans can stream 24/7 on Disney+, ranging from kid-friendly cartoons and classic animated films to more adult-oriented series. Disney+ is truly anchored by its complete collection of Marvel and Star Wars content, with all feature-length films available to stream, as well as the Disney-produced direct-to-television series, such as Hawkeye, Loki, WandaVision, Andor, Ahsoka, and of course, The Mandalorian. 

Each one of these series has helped to make Disney+ that much more of a household name, with Disney+ boasting around 150 million subscribers at the time of publishing this article. Disney+ has certainly been challenging for The Walt Disney Company to maintain, with the streaming service still yet to become profitable since its launch in late 2019. However, there’s no denying that Disney+ quickly became one of the most popular and talked about streaming services out there, competing very well against industry giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Max (formerly HBO Max), and Hulu.

The Simpsons acquired by Disney
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However, one thing that has always held Disney+ back was its lack of adult content. Aside from Deadpool, there really isn’t anything R-rated on Disney+, solidifying the streaming service as more of a family-focused product rather than an all-encompassing service like Netflix. However, this is only truly a problem in the U.S., with other regions having a far more robust Disney+ experience.

In other countries, Disney+ users are able to access Star on Disney+, a content hub that features a wider range of entertainment options. Star on Disney+ features a library based on other networks like FX, Freeform, MTM Enterprises, Touchstone Television, 20th Television, and Hollywood Pictures. This means that edgier, more adult shows and movies, such as the long-running series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, are streamable on Disney+. It’s certainly bewildering to be able to watch something “dirty” or “explicit” on a streaming platform owned by Disney, but other regions are beginning to see the benefits of The Walt Disney Company’s ever-expanding grasp on properties. 

Fans living in Canada just got access to one of the nastiest, most controversial films ever made, and we’re stunned, to say the least.

Clip from Freddy Got Fingered.
Credit: 20th Century Studios

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In 2001, the world of movies forever changed with the release of Freddy Got Fingered. The film is classified as a surrealist black comedy, featuring extreme vulgarity, sexually charged scenes, and an abundance of slapstick gags that we’re not sure we can even describe in writing. The film was directed by Tom Green, who made a name for himself working on his own show for MTV before being given the keys to the kingdom to produce his own movie.

The film does not hold back at all, making fun of numerous off-limits topics such as people with disabilities, animal cruelty, and sexual assault, with the title of the film being a direct reference to an incorrect accusation of child molestation. The film was panned upon release, although it has grown into quite a cult classic over the years.

Still, this movie is the exact opposite of what you would expect to find streamable on Disney+, but in Canada, fans can sit back, relax, and turn on Freddy Got Fingered from the comfort of their own home.


Fans were shocked by the news and shared their thoughts online. One fan joked that their Disney+ subscription was finally worth it. We have to admit that even we did a double-take, but yes, Freddy Got Fingered is officially streamable on Disney+.

The film was a notable moment in pop culture during the time, and along with Tom Green, also stars Rip Torn and Drew Barrymore.

Have you ever heard of this movie? Will you be watching this on Disney+?

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