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Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse; a speech bubble saying 'Bye!', with Typhoon Lagoon in the background

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  1. Chris

    Come on, that is a water park, bit a theme park and you don’t need all that fluff, just say Typhoon Lagoon is closed for the foreseeable future.

  2. thomas mcelroy

    glad the suck ! they got rid of a lot of jobs for people

    1. Janet S

      This is a temporary closure of a water park. Better read the article.

    2. Janet S

      This is a temporary closure of a water park.

  3. thomas mcelroy

    They treat their help like crap Glad their closing They SUCK !

    1. Max

      With THAT Grammer, IF you have a business it’s definitely an illegitimate one and No one wants/needs your kind at WDW.

      1. Caterina

        I Totally Agree With You Mark.

  4. Mark

    Disney giving to cries baby do passes I have right to pay extra keep riding and cut line they have same right and get pass ticket dissney give in to snowflakes gays not right at all I was going to have my business with 700 guest but now we all won’t go to Disney do they had cries baby compli8and cut line possessions Disney had passes awhile we all can get passes so I don’t want to here snow flakes buttercup gay complaining I have rights like you to gets passes

    1. VR

      Well that made no sense. Can you edit that I to sentences please?

    2. Mark's Dad

      Your lack of punctuation and grammar skills says a ton about your level of neanderthal intelligence.

    3. Rene

      Spend your money on grammar and punctuation classes.

      1. Please don’t do this Disney this park means a lot of people in their memories😔😢😢😢

    4. Janet S

      That sounds like a far right snowflake crying that the world is different.

      Go find your safe space!

  5. Dawn

    Disney World, like Disneyland, has forced its own hand. It will start doing this because instead of placating children, it pandered to pathetic Adults! Let it Burn down!

    1. Bethany

      WHY is there no like button? I LIKE this comment!

    2. Dawns Tickler

      Read that in your story book did you?

    3. A


    4. Janet S

      Wait himself wanted the company to provide magic for both children AND adults.

  6. Craig Mcmanus

    That’s the way of the NEW Florida. The Indian has attack, no more Disney extra Money for Florida dis Santos the dictator. Bad Boy!

    1. Krissy

      Every park needs to go, this place is pure Evil at its finest!!!

      1. Nia

        No and no its not

      2. SK1DD13

        I really hope this is true they needed to close this place years ago

  7. Rodney Sterling

    It is only a matter of time before the woke has it in ruins. People don’t want Disney, Budweiser or any other pushing that crap off on us. They lied when the PNG Band was to march down Main Street claiming they didn’t know the mascot and the band were Indian. They marched there several times. Always invited back.

    1. Nia

      I like Disney and nothing wrong with woke

    2. Blechb

      You’re either for woke or against it. Your comment suggests you’re woke. Who cares if they were Indian? You don’t speak for me.

  8. Go woke go broke, Disney will pay a very large price for this foolish mistake. Bill

    1. Nia

      Nothing wrong with woke

      1. Ok, I get it you think woke is find now move on snowflake.

        1. Janet S

          All this fear of something called “woke” that no one will actually define for me.

          Sounds like a bunch of fat right snowflakes crying because they can’t find their safe space.

  9. Terry

    The reason why they closed is because a child went missing and there was an investigation and they found underground tunnels that are leading to human and sex trafficking from Walt Disney world underground tunnels that’s why they won’t be opening again anytime soon

    1. Ron

      Thank you for letting the wokes hear the truth

    2. Janet S

      Wow, you really believe that? Probably recruiting for Matt Gaetz.

    3. Janet S

      Why tell lies? Guess that’s not enough truth to the delusional.

  10. Anonymous

    If you got nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to do business there then don’t do business there if you got a problem with the way America is then keep your mouth shut stop trying to stifle life get over yourselves .

    1. Janet S

      YES YES YES! Stop interfering and let the business do what it does .. make money. Disney is a great American company, and it’s companies like that that will make America Great Again!

      1. Lee

        Wrong !! America woll be great again when the pedos and evil ones are cleaned out .. I used to love Disney and their parks .. until I learned what really goes on there … Close it and burn it to the ground !!

  11. Bye bye Pedoworld!! SAVETHECHILDREN 🙏🇺🇲💪

    1. Janet S

      Pedoworld? You must be thinking of Maralago.

  12. David

    Politics has everything to do with this.Floridas Governor Ron De Santos has been unkind to Disney world extorting Disney for millions of Dollars.

  13. Oracle


    WOKE: (1) Open Minded; Curious; Receptive to New Ideas and Concepts. (2) Tolerant of Persons who are different than them (Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Gender, LGBQT, Religion, or other Persuasion); Tolerant and Understanding of others with Concepts and Ideas, other than their own. (3) Have a Positive and Expanding Vision; Don’t think that they have all the right answers, but are open to Debate and Consideration of Ideas outside their own Prejudices. (4) Mind their own Business and don’t force other persons to Conform to a particular Ideology, Lifestyle, Concepts Doctrine that is different than their own. (5) Peace Loving; Positive Vision; Accepting of Others differences; Promote Unity over Division; Promote a sense of Community; Focus on the Positive, not the Negative; and Believe in Freedom and the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, Justice, and Happiness for all.

  14. Bizarro

    Good Riddance! and hopefully the whole disgusting company folds

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