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Disney's Hollywood Studios front entrance sign during sunset.

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  1. Gary

    No what WDW needs is some of the CM’s who left because they did not like the direction Disney was going. With them back they will have all that knowledge back and the ability to keep most of the rides going with not as many break downs !

  2. P.C.Knott

    Disney is listening to its guests?
    That why they still have the Genie+ and don’t have the Magical Express.
    Two of the biggest gripes about Disney parks.

  3. I was a Cast Member at Walt Disney World for 3 years 30 years ago. Standards were high and professionalism was at a premium. Now I can’t even stand the place. It’s poorly maintained, run, and managed. When I want to go to a theme park I go to Universal Studios. It’s a FAR better value for the money and a much better experience.

  4. Jaye Woodmansee

    43 years, I visited WDW. 1972 to 2015.
    Now I have lost my taste for the place.
    They made it very clear in the last few years that they care little for the guest, if they aren’t spending thousand and thousand of dollars everyday you are there. The |
    “Magic” they used to pour on you like water on a hot day, now they sell it by the ounce, like a drug.
    Universal is a much better deal and still has some shine on it.

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