Finding The Perfect Gift – Disney Style!

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With the holidays here, the stress of Christmas shopping, or any holiday shopping, may already be setting in for you! Finding the perfect gift for the people in your life can be tricky, especially if you want to give them something that will really surprise them and stick a big smile on their faces.

Things become even trickier when you have a Disney fan that you need to buy for. At a certain point, a new set of Mickey Mouse ears just doesn’t have the same “wow factor” anymore. Well, what if we told you that you could bring Disney World to them for the holiday season…


When Guests enter Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or EPCOT, there is one thing that everyone must do: scan in on the MagicBand scanner.

Whether you have a MagicBand or a regular Disney Park Ticket, you will need to place it on the Mickey Mouse symbol and watch the scanner change colors with that iconic sound that lets you know you are all set to enjoy the magic. and it will be able to turn on your Christmas tree lights or, really, turn on anything electronic!

Magicband scanner
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has the ultimate at-home MagicBand scanners that will transport you to Disney World and give you an excuse to buy that new MagicBand that you have been eyeing for a while!


First off, their scanners have the ability to act as a “switch” for other electronics in your home! In your MagicBand scanner package (which sings when you open it, by the way), you will also receive a smart outlet that is linked to your MagicBaand scanner. So when you activate the scanner, whatever you have plugged into the smart outlet will turn on. Talk about the perfect Christmas morning!

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Let us set up the scenario: you wake up on December 25th, you pour yourself a coffee, the kids run in excited for presents, and instead of plugging the Christmas tree lights back in, the whole family straps on their MagicBand and “scans” into Christmas — Disney style! Then your tree lights up, and instantly, your Christmas morning is off to a magical start!

Text, letter
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Another reason we are obsessed with these scanners is that there are so many different options! Cinema Guy Store has decided to take things to the next level and theme their scanners to different attractions and shows that you can experience! Each scanner is not only themed musically but in aesthetic as well. Plus, some even have screens that display short videos that will have you booking your next Disney World vacation in no time!

cinema guy store
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Let’s explore some of the fantastic options that has to offer!

This scanner is magic on your wall. I personally own this MagicBand scanner, and it brought me to tears the first time I heard it play. It has two renditions of Happily Ever After and two renditions of Wishes that play when you either scan your MagicBand or press the button on the top of the scanner, and instantly you feel like you are on the hub grass at Magic Kingdom.

Magicband scanner
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Plus, you can see Mickey Mouse and the gang watching the fireworks as the screen has active fireworks shooting off behind Cinderella Castle. Coming from a massive Disney nerd, I can guarantee that any Disney fan would love this gift!

Grim-grinning ghosts, anyone? If you have a Haunted Mansion lover in your life, this MagicBand scanner is the ultimate gift for you to give. With all of the details of the classic attraction, this reader will bring the Haunted Mansion right into your home. Considering the attraction is one of Guest’s favorites, its owner will be ready to pop in a doom buggy!

Madame Leota Magic Band Scanner

Want to take Haunted Mansion fans to new heights? You can also purchase this Madame Leota scanner to feel like you are in the middle of the action! This scanner takes you to the center of the Haunted Mansion ride when Madame Leota is recanting her spells. With this high-quality screen, it looks like you are staring into the same crystal ball that is seen in the attraction.

Click here to purchase this scanner!

Carousel of Progress Magic Band Scanner

There is a great big beautiful tomorrow if you purchase this MagicBand scanner! If you have a Disney nerd in your life, look no further because this is the ultimate Disney historian gift! Walt Disney created The Carousel of Progress for the 1964 World’s Fair, and now, a version of his attraction lives in Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom.

There are not too many rides that Walt has had a direct hand in creating, so this attraction is truly something special. Plus, who doesn’t love the theme song?

Splash Mountain Magic Band Scanner

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, if you are a Splash Mountain fan or have one in your life, this scanner will send you to the Laughin’ Place! Splash Mountain is a massive attraction that gives Guests a splash throughout the day with hundreds of animatronics and catchy tunes. Now you too can have a piece of the attraction in your home.

EPCOT Reader – Beacons of Magic (Full Light Show)


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Fans of EPCOT need to check out one of Cinema Guy’s newest Magic Band scanners. The EPCOT Beacons of Magic scanner brings the iconic Beacons of Magic light show that takes place on Spaceship Earth right to your home. The reader performs an entire three-minute show complete with music and LED animations. And, it can be placed right on a wall or table, making this piece a great addition to any Disney fan’s living room, bedroom, or office.

Click here to purchase this scanner!

are priced beginning at $199.00, which is a fantastic deal for the quality and memories that this unique and magical product can create.

Although these options are amazing, there are so many more to check out on the This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the various options!

Magicband scanner
Credit: Inside the Magic

For many, Disney World is a joyful escape from reality where memories can last a lifetime, but being there all the time is not always a possibility. Having one of these MagicBand scanners in your home will make the waiting between vacations fly by and give you a little extra pixie dust each day. To check out more of Cinema Guy Store’s creations, you can also follow them on Instagram (@mycinema135).

You can have Star Wars, Avengers, Marvel, Soarin, The Little Mermaid, Tower of Terror, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Stitch, Tangled, Frozen, Jungle Cruise, Cinderella, Tiki Room, The Great Movie Ride, PeopleMover, Figment scanner, and so many more!

For those last-minute shoppers who may not receive their magic band readers in time for the holidays, still has you covered! They offer instant download gift cards so your loved ones can pick out their own favorite designs. After all, there are over 35 to choose from! Also, each purchase comes with an instant download holiday card displaying the amazing magic band reader that is on its way along with a personal message from the mouse himself! These little touches are what make this store so special. Trust us, it’s well worth the wait!

Get rid of your Disney blues today with one of Cinema Guy Store’s MagicBand scanners, the ultimate holiday gift for any Disney fan!

Which MagicBand scanner is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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