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Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) smiling in a jungle

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. GWP

    So I just watch the “Dial of Destiny” and while well executed on one hand, it was a complete mess on the other. While Harrison Ford and the rest of the cast tried their damndest, their acting skills just couldn’t rescue a convoluted script. This film is just one elaborate chase after another loosely held together by a story that made almost no sense.

    Having worked on roughly 150 films I’ve been in the room many times as I’ve watched the filmmakers tell the the story to themselves rather than the audience. Convinced that the story they are telling makes sense, at least to those in the room, the filmmakers completely loose sight and ultimately respect for their intended audience.

    Should Harrison Ford’s character be retired and left to gather dust? No I don’t think so, however EVERYONE above the line who crafted and guided “The Dial of Destiny” should consider another line of work!

    1. Michel Morin

      I really think Harrison Ford is one of the best action actors there is and I have watched every movie he made. I liked Dial od Destiny but I don’t feel the character should be retired, with all do respect to Harisson Ford. I see it as James Bond or Batman, it is great to see a new take on a character.

      1. Graeme Wilson

        Interesting seeing some people thought Temple of Doom bombed. Not at all true.
        IJATDOD was to me a great way to leave Indiana Jones.
        As to its artistic merits (either for or against) I felt the movie delivered and the “story,” such as it was is like the previous SW or IJ or titanic paper thin with a central performance or thread that holds it together.

      2. Deneshia

        Respect the actor and the Chartactor….THERE IS ONLY ONE INDIAN JONES…

    2. Peter Brighton

      I wrote an Indian Jones film script in 2007 but it was never read because I had no literary agent.ive now added it as a story on my book chapter 2 ‘peter Brightons film scripts stories. That’s on Amazon and many other sites. Hope Harrison Ford reads it a I think he will enjoy the story .

  2. DEBRA

    Too much like The Temple of Doom which also bombed. Phoebe Waller-Bridge played an extremely unlikable character. Should have brought Marion back way earlier. Just bad all the way through except the ending.

    1. BM

      Paying no mind to the last comment. Harrison Ford made Indiana Jones legendary because he is a legendary talent, but not even legendary talent can rescue a disastrous film. It is unfortunate that Ford and Indy couldn’t go out on top, but we need to respect Ford’s wishes and let Indy be.

      However, it would be nice if they could do a kind of passing of the proverbial torch in a way, to a completely new character, not unlike a child of Indy’s, who would be played by a young highly acclaimed actor who is well liked.

      The character could be completely different from Indiana Jones, but have characteristics and mannerisms of Indy to bring in the nostalgia factor and pay homage to Harrison Ford, and yet, they could be their own individual person. No reboot, remake, reimagining, or any other “re” they can come up with. Instead, just a continuation of the story honoring Indy’s legacy through the new and original adventures of a completely different character with their own new series. That is what I, as a life long avid fan of all things Indiana Jones, would like to see happen. It might even be fun, if done properly and given the appropriate respect due it, to bring Captain Frank Wolff from the Jungle Cruise in on one of the new adventures and have a kind of cross over film. Just an idea.

  3. Suzanne Frazier

    Well there was a son revealed in one movie. If Ford doesn’t want to continue, they can always bring him in to replace his dad and you have a whole new series of films open up. He just has to be as good as Ford.

    1. Matt

      That ship has sailed. Mutt died in Vietnam between films.

  4. Bobbie Jo Justice

    I liked the Dial of Destiny. I don’t know what people are complaining about. It’s a movie.

    1. SK

      I agree. We weren’t expecting an Academy Award type movie. It was entertaining as it was intended to be. I di agree Temple of Doom was bad

  5. KK

    Put a chick in it. And make it lame and gay.

    1. Cory

      Ummm… NO. that’s why Star Wars & Marvel is failing because of Woke people like you, and Disney is too desperate not to buy into that.

      1. Cory

        Way to go the actual Kathleen Kennedy… NOT! She wants to ruin yet another Indiana Jones movie??? Well, she definitely isn’t gonna impress me enough to put out money to watch this new film!! When will she ever learn to stop putting in woke bs into popular movie franchises? Because that’s what divides & ruins the fanbases, and that’s why Disney is failing with Star Wars & Marvel!!! Those fanbases DO NOT want or care to see woke stuff in their favorite movies/shows that they originally grew up with!!! Seriously! When Will She learn???

        1. Robert ODell

          I found the film to be a completely enjoyable addition to the franchise. It worked on every level that matters., Ford’s undeniable charisma , breathtaking stunts and a fantastical storyline.

  6. Andrew

    If Disney loves Ford so much, then why was Phoebe Waller Bridge the center of attention and belittled Indy thru his film. Disney doesnt make any sense and it falls right in line with what they did to Han Solo in the SW sequels..made him a bad dad, bad husband and a looser who died at the hands of his son Kylo. Clearly, Lucasfilm wanted to break his character down in favor of new strong female leads..part of their ongoing agenda of identity politics.

    1. Everybody drags on Indy in every movie. This is, like, one of the ongoing premises of the franchise.

  7. Jon

    I really don’t know what everyone was watching. But I enjoyed part 5. I just wish Mr. Davies had a bigger part.

  8. Bob Hudspeth Jr.

    I’ve not seen ‘Dial Of Destiny’ yet. I will… when it comes to Disney +. The Indiana Jones franchise is not unlike a recurring character on SNL. It starts of great. It’s something you’ve never seen before and you love it. Then it gets watered down and a committee notes the filmmakers to death about how to keep the magic alive or make it better. That seldom ever works. I enjoyed the first 2 Indy movies, then I think the movies might as well have had Harrison Ford looking into the camera, saying “Hey, y’all remember me?” It sullies the memory of the former glory of the first 2.

  9. Matt Paul

    I say, make more films featuring the character but PRIOR, timeline speaking, to Temple of Doom, or more afterward featuring Mutt and saying even though he was reported dead, it was a cover since he’d be working for the US Government to retrieve a top secret artifact! And either role played by none other than Chris Pratt, since he has that swagger and appeal!

  10. Mike Mulligan

    I absolutely loved DoD. It’s a fantastic story about a real person.

  11. Red_Paladin

    Honestly they need to decannonize dial of destiny and bring back Indy for a last adventure recast Henry jr with Chris Pratt and drop the name Mutt, have him get caught up in something and need’s his parents help maybe involving a search for the fountain of youth have Indy chooses to destroy it to prevent misuse and it falling into the wrong hands, thereby losing his chance to regain his youth…

  12. Colin

    Not seen the movie yet so will reserve judgement. Should another actor play Indy, well yes. We’ve had multiple actors play Bond over 7 decades to stunning effect. I don’t see why Indy cannot follow a similar premise.

  13. J.G.

    I think it definitely deserves a reboot.I’m not ready to see him hang up the hat& whip for good,yet.even if it is with a different cast.there is so much more that can be told.and I hope we get a chance to see the further adventures,with hopefully mutt(previously presumed dead,per “Destiny” ending up surviving.who has to feature Shia,again).

  14. Lynn Gray

    I loved dial of destiny

  15. Barry Lyons

    Let me put my feelings this way: “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” is my third favorite of the five Indy pictures. You can easily guess what the first two are.

    1. Raleight St Clair

      Easy. Raiders and Doom. They’re the only 2 good ones.

  16. Jim

    Dial of Destiny had its problems. I’m glad it didn’t have Mutt. I wish Marion and Sallah would have had bigger parts. I wish Harrison could play Indy again, maybe the new movie would be better. Nobody could play Indy as well, but I still don’t want them to retire the character.

  17. I wrote an Indiana Jones film script in 2007 but Spielbergs company would not read it as I had no literary agent. I’ve now added it to my book ‘peter Brightons film scripts stories. Hope Harrison Ford reads it as I think he will enjoy the story. My bookf are on Amazon, Barnes &noble and many other sotesm

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