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wheelchair at Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disneyland Paris


  1. Andrew

    Six Flags parks require a letter from a physician. When you go to obtain the disability pass, they use your email or phone number to look up the document after you pre register. This makes the disability cases to be legitimate

  2. Gary

    Stupid Move!!!

  3. Sue

    Does not surprise me bc Disney doesn’t care. But now if you r gay or black they do.

    1. Tiger

      Lol, wow!

  4. Jo

    This is true as my mother was just there she cannot walk, and they had no wheelchair access for some of the rides which really sucks. I’m very disappointed in this.

  5. Dd

    Disney is looking for ways that the customers will have to pay more money this is a excuse so they will have money I will be going out of Disney if this happens and feel like Disney doesn’t care

  6. Jo

    My mother was just at Disney World in Florida, and there was no wheelchair access to a lot of the rides. This really sucks and I’m very disappointed.

  7. Debbie

    I do agree that people abuse the system. I have had issues getting my husband an ECV several times at the park. He had polio and wears a leg brace, so it is difficult for him to walk hurriedly in the lines for long periods of time. He is okay once he catches up to the end of the line, but normally we end up letting many people pass us. I have seen couples taking turns driving the ECV. There have been times I end up pushing him in a wheel chair because there are no ECV’s available. Same goes for the handicap spots in the lot.

    1. h

      From disney website:
      ECVs and wheelchairs may not be reserved. Please plan to arrive early; a limited number of ECVs and wheelchairs are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests are also invited to bring and use their own ECVs and wheelchairs throughout the Disneyland Resort.

    2. Sherrill

      I know a lot of people who abuse the system. A lot of my clients request it because “their child can’t stand in line that long”. This is just a new generation of parents teaching their children to be entitled instead of them teaching them to be patient. When I refuse to assist they then begin making up stories that their child is autistic or has a “syndrome” like ADHD. Heck, that is over 60% of the population now. Everyone has an excuse why they shouldn’t have to wait.

  8. I believe and know there are issues with those who find ways to abuse the systems WDW has in place to help those with special needs. It is akin to those who line jump or feel entitled to do so at others’ costs.
    I am a veteran with multiple health issues and PTSD that make WDW parks a challenge without the DAS pass. I truly hope consideration of those with all disabilities, both physical and mental are considered.

  9. Sherrill

    I agree Tiger. WOW.

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