Walt Disney Company Gets Official “F” Rating

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The Walt Disney Company is one of the best-known global enterprises, trading under the ticker of (DIS) Disney stock. Despite this truth, it holds an F-rating on a leading platform for business assessment.

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Walt Disney Company Has Varied Silos

In business for 100 years, the Walt Disney Company began with simple animation and grew its revenue and attention. Now, it has a film enterprise that stretches from cartoon work to live-action films. Theme parks stretch from Hong Kong Disneyland to Shanghai to the United States.

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Experiences range from cruises to rides and attractions. Investors rely on this revenue to make wise decisions about the company itself. But there are many metrics to judge a business as vast as the Walt Disney Company. So why does it have an F-rating?

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Disney Vacation Club: Theme Parks

While there are always issues with theme parks, whether at Walt Disney World or any other Disneyland Resort, the general magic still reigns; it draws over 160,000 people daily to each theme park. And while not all guests are satisfied, the public spirit is that Disney Parks are positive assets for the company. Yet, it doesn’t stop the barrage of complaints that range from long lines to misuse of personal information. Yet, this still is not the cause of the F grade.

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Disney Consumer Products

Disney consumer products aim to bring Disney entertainment to households that may not necessarily have access to real-life magic. These include entertainment distribution like the Disney Channel, along with merchandise like backpacks, baubles, and toys that keep the Disney brand alive.

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Whether through video games or toys, it keeps the magic alive. And while it is a prominent part of the Walt Disney Company, it isn’t quite the cause for a failing grade.

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Walt Disney Pictures and Television Networks

Walt Disney Studio creates countless productions that are released to theatres or directly to consumers. This has been of ample interest to Walt Disney Co. investors, as the recent purchase talks are helping stocks thrive once more. And while the “woke wars” and nature of content might be a dispute for Disney media fans, it is still not enough to redeem the F grade.

In truth, it all comes down to numbers.

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Better Business Bureau Rates Walt Disney Company “F”

The Better Business Bureau is one of the top-reputed assessors of enterprise. It allows the public to air grievances and make contact with businesses like the Walt Disney Company out in the open. However, the rating system cannot be strong-armed through international presence.

According to the site, the BBB “assigns ratings from A+ (highest) to F (lowest).” There is also the option of no rating, abbreviated by NR. Yet the Walt Disney World Company was not quite so lucky. Per the site, the reason for Disney’s failure is:

  • Failure to respond to 59 complaints filed against the business.
  • Forty-four complaints were filed against the company that were not resolved.

It warrants a note that this refers exclusively to Florida operations of the Walt Disney Company. That means dozens of incidences were not acknowledged, leading the BBB to give the company an F-rating.

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