Disney Lets Down Family, Allegedly Violates Privacy and Trust

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In an unfortunate turn of events, Disney let down a family and severely violated their trust.

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Disney Theme Park Trip Turned Disaster

During a 2023 visit to a Disney World Resort, a family had the unfortunate experience of seemingly everything going wrong. After filing an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the grievances with Disney Park came to light. A family who typically visits Carowinds decided to take a trip to the “most magical place on earth.”

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The trip cost the family “much frustration” and resulted in spending over $5,000 to make the Disney trip memorable for the family. Based on the incidences in the Disney Resort, the visitors requested to be “REFUNDED ASAP.” The family experienced two core issues that fueled the disappointment.

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Disney Let Down a Family, Refund Requested

One related to pictures and the other to transportation. The Disney experience was supposed to allow the family to use Disney World photographers to take photos, whether near a ride or with Mickey Mouse. The idea is to secure the digital property and let kids and adults enjoy the moment and the magic. However, when the photographer uploaded the photos of a completely different family, it caused massive upset.

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According to the complaint, the family contacted legal services to discuss the impropriety of the digital property and personal information. On top of that experience, the complainant noted that there were no accessible photographers, even in regular places like Main Street, U.S.A.. Per the notes, “We spoke to several families while in the park, and every one of them was frustrated.”

And pictures were far from the only issue.

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Problems With Transportation at Disney Park

The initial complaint about the Disney Resort cited transportation issues. After entering the park, visitors have to “walk a great distance to even get to monorail or ferry.” Other cases cited included the ease of access for a disabled family member who was part of the trip.

It made it difficult to travel with kids and left the family disappointed in the idea of a Disney Vacation Club. Issues cited were scooters, golf carts, motorized scooters, and more traffic concerns. Each of these allegedly caused congestion for visitors.

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Walt Disney Company Responds

After issuing the complaint, the Walt Disney World Resort team contacted the customer to facilitate reparations. While the names are redacted for the security of personal information, the issue was addressed within weeks of the matter. While the Walt Disney Company’s response is unclear, the original complainant found that the “resolution is satisfactory to me.”

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