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tom hanks and steven spielberg in saving private ryan

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  1. Cindy Dichiara

    I’ve enjoyed the reflections of WWII presented so far. Based on current events, I’d love to see a more extensive look at the Tuskegee Airmen and more importantly, the Montfort Point Marines. The men should have their contributions acknowledged as well.

  2. Jeannette Sieland

    It is wonderful and only right for the military to be remembered for their sacrifices during WWII. Me, and other families like me, hope & pray that movies will be done for the military in remembrance of their sacrifices during the Korean War.
    That’s the war that fits in between WWII and Vietnam for those who don’t remember or won’t remember.

  3. Katy Fox

    I am excited to watch it! I have watched both of the other series twice. I had never heard of Basilone until I watched the Pacific series. I have been hoping for a WW 1 story too. Mr. Hanks has a distant cousin that was a airplane mechanic, pre parachute days. He had to fly the plane first to make sure his work was sound. He also did dust bin duty.
    Thanks to Hanks and Spielberg a lot more WW2 history is known.

  4. Tony Cantu

    Austin Butler is not an Academy Award winner. He was nominated for an Oscar for the Elvis movie but did not win.

  5. Terry

    This isn’t a sequel
    As Band of brothers ends after Germany surrenders
    Masters of the air is set when Germany are still at war

  6. G.Q.

    I would like to see them tackle the Bataan death march, and the preceding battle in the Philippines.

  7. JJ Dell

    I love any WW2 content so it should be awesome but I hate that it comes out on one platform. This is the way things are but it’s horrible for fans.

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