The Most Controversial ‘Batman’ Story Is Finally Being Released

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Batman has a mythos that goes back to the 1930s, with plenty of stories to be told, some of which have been adapted many times. There is one story that has been surrounded by controversy since 1988. That story will finally see the light of day, as DC has announced its official release.

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Batman can often not be for the faint of heart, as the tortured character comes face-to-face with villains that mimic his deep survivor’s guilt. Bruce Wayne witnessed the death of his parents, and it forever changed who he was. His infamous Rogues Gallery has also experienced harrowing upbringings like his own, making them the perfect rivals.

The Dark Knight has been adapted into many versions, like in the Arkham Asylum video games, a Lego character played by Will Arnett, many live-action iterations, and so much more. Batman has existed for decades, with countless stories told about his legend. Despite the thousands of comics, books, video games, and movies, one story has never been released.

DC Will Release Alternate Batman #428 Issue

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Back in the 1980s, DC offered fans the power to choose the fate of one character. That character was Jason Todd, the newest Robin. Todd was not a hit amongst fans, and DC likely expected their plan to work out the way it did. Batman issue #428 was set to be released, where The Joker had captured Todd.

DC provided two numbers where fans could call in and vote to keep Jason Todd alive. The comic company would eventually print both issues, one where he lives and one where he dies, despite what the phone call votes revealed. The votes would tally to “Todd lives” at 5,271 and “Todd dies” at 5,343.

The voting result left Jason Todd an outcast in the comics for many years. Todd would eventually return with a brand-new persona, Red Hood. Red Hood has become a mainstay of the Bat Family, as he is a vigilante who does not hesitate to kill. Though DC fans might have felt bad at the time, their choice was certainly the right one, as it led to an even greater character.

The Batman #428 issue, where Jason Todd dies, has become one of the most iconic and the most controversial. After many years, DC has announced they plan to release the issue where Todd lives as part of the company’s growing “faux-simile” issues. These issues are recreations of what they looked like back in the period, including relevant ads.

DC fans have never seen the issue where Todd lives, so no one knows what it looks like. This is a huge deal, considering Batman fans often think the death of Jason Todd to be one of the worst decisions ever made. Despite the character’s popularity issues, Todd would become nonexistent for too long. Again, this did lead to Red Hood, so we can’t all be mad about it.

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Batman #428 will arrive on shelves on December 12 and joins Batman: Year One as essential stories being released in “faux-simile” editions.

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