Taylor Swift Film Rating Beats Out ‘Citizen Kane’

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Taylor Swift in "Blank Space"

Credit: Taylor Swift, YouTube

It would appear that Taylor Swift fans around the globe have answered the call at the global box office as the film is not only set to be one of the biggest film debuts but is currently ranking higher than “the greatest film of all time.”

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Taylor Swift – New ‘Eras’ Film Debuts at the Global Box Office

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (2023)  is a concert film that captures Taylor Swift’s 2023–2024 concert tour. This production was overseen by Taylor Swift herself and directed by Sam Wrench.

The film showcases a significant portion of Swift’s extensive three-hour setlist, primarily from her performances in Los Angeles. It’s noteworthy that the film is recorded with immersive surround sound technology.

Given its content, the film has been rated PG-13 due to “some strong language and suggestive material.” It’s worth mentioning that this concert film has made a substantial impact, with advanced ticket sales exceeding $100 million worldwide, marking it as the most successful opening for a concert film in history.

For those interested in experiencing it, the film is currently being screened in theaters, with exclusive merchandise available for Swift’s dedicated fanbase, Swifties. This merchandise includes cups, popcorn tubs, posters, and bracelets, available at select theaters, including Cinemark, AMC, and Regal chains.

A still from the new Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie.
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The film debuted in cinemas around the world yesterday, October 13. With this being the opening weekend for this movie, one can only imagine the number of Swift fans that will flock to the theaters to see their favorite artist on the big screen.

The film has been described as “an interactive theatrical experience that sparks joy.” Other descriptions from various critics include “a cultural phenomenon” and “an impeccable shot multi-camera edit.” So far, according to Vulture.com, the film has garnered $37 million from the box office in its first 24 hours.
On Rotten Tomatoes, a website that aggregates movie and TV reviews from critics, has the film sitting with a perfect 100% “tomatometer” score and a 99% audience score, beating out the likes of “The Greatest Film of All Time,” Orson Welles 1914 American drama film Citizen Kane.


Taylor Swift onstage at The Eras Tour
Credit: Taylor Swift, Youtube

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With it being opening weekend, the score is likely to change at some point between now and Monday morning. But seeing such a high score for a film about a musical artist beating out one of the greatest classics of all time puts things into perspective as to how much things have changed in our society and world.

Citizen Kane is a cinematic marvel masterpiece that has captured the hearts and imagination of cinema-goers for almost 110 years. Will Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour overtake Citizen Kane? No, the film is likely to have much success over the next month or so, but in terms of actually beating out a movie like Kane, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

With the opening weekend here, more and more critics will send in their responses, and a more realistic score will be posted to Rotten Tomatoes on Monday morning or Tuesday morning.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift: Eras Tour beating out Citizen Kane with a higher rating? Are you heading to the movies this weekend to watch the film?

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