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Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things (left) and Jenna Ortega in Wednesday

Credit: Netflix


  1. Rroe

    Just don’t see this working out. Knowing Disney, it’s got to be a “Money thing”…………………….

    1. Arosary

      This is not a disney show, it is a netflix show.

  2. Anne P

    Even though we have always loved Stranger Things and MBB, Jenny will always be Wednesday. She is fantastic and I’m sure there will be great things in her future. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

  3. Ty

    Great move !! Love MBB , JO not so much so this is epic! I hope they use Millie in Beetlejuice as Winona’s iconic character.

  4. David linge

    Jenna is perfectly in the role

  5. EricWraalstad

    Jenna Ortega did a completely awesome job as Wednesday. She is a perfect fit for her Wednesday character, and she is completely irreplaceable!

  6. MicheleBecker

    Can’t wait to see this happen and stranger things. 5 so glad we are moving forward.Love and light Michele from BKLYN XOXO

  7. Tcell

    No way Jenna is the Show

  8. Helen Hicks

    I like Jenna better don’t watch stranger things don’t know anything about the show or the the characters

  9. Marie

    I would not like the role to go to Brown. Keep Ortega.

  10. KMAN

    If they replace Ortega as Wednesday Adams this would be serious suicidal , Historically these type of character changes
    have always ended in disaster for the show / series.

  11. Betty

    Oh noooooooooo

  12. Chris

    If Jenny Ortega is not starring in Wednesday I won’t watch it

  13. Ezra

    If it’s not Jenna Ortega I won’t be watching it

  14. Joseph

    Can I have my five minutes back..

  15. Sean fortenberry

    Need to keep Jenna Ortega as Wednesday. She did a good job.

  16. Kat

    Please no more Millie. I know everyone loves her but enough. Jenna is a lot better actress and a really cool girl. No way could MBB replace or compete with Jenna

  17. Dave Finkbeiner

    No. Not a real fan of Brown. Her role in the last couple of Godzilla films felt forced and her character really served very little purpose. Ortega is excellent in the role of Wednesday Addams. I would never mess with that.

  18. Jeff

    NO!!! Netflix has lost me if this happens !

  19. Mat

    Just stop lol Ortega makes a great wednesday

  20. Tammy

    I like stranger things but Jenna is Wednesday Adam’s no one could take her place

  21. I think Jena does a great job as Wednesday and she made that role. Switching it ti anyone else would ruin the show.

  22. Nooooooo. Nobody else can be Wednesday. Jenna you have to stay

  23. I will stop watching it if Jenna isn’t Wednesday.

  24. No! Though she does look truly frighteningly awful dressed as Wednesday. Ortega owns the role now, even though she can’t deliver the dry sarcasm well, ppl seem to love her.

    1. Luis

      Nope… If they change it… Wont watch it. It was good.. So why mess with it.

  25. Robert

    I would not watch it anymore if Jenna Ortega isn’t Wednesday she is who made the series and she did very well being that character it wouldn’t be the same without her

  26. SH

    Uh uh. Ortega defined that role and she owned it. Don’t even think about voicing another actress. Ortega can run for all she likes before we’ll ever consider another actress.

  27. James

    Stranger Things’ Star Taking Over Jenna Ortega’s ‘Wednesday’

    Literally zero facts to back this up. More click ba it by R tar d Andrew

  28. Chastity

    Jenna is Wednesday and that’s all there is to it!!! Jenna was born to play Wednesday!!! No other actress comes close at all! Point Blank Jenna Is Wednesday period!!!

  29. C









  30. This site uses an interesting algorithm to censor posts.

  31. M

    Well stranger things have happened ☺️

  32. Mike Fierce

    I like them both but Jenna has always struck me as a little bit or a lot bit Goth and perfect for the character of Wednesday. Millie Bobby Brown? not Goth whatsoever. Her going almost Goth in Stranger Things season 3(?) was on the cusp of being a seriously bad idea but it worked out. Having MBB play Wednesday is about as bad an idea as it would be to have Jenna Ortega play Eleven. Another bad casting idea right up there with Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter & Willy Wonka and George Clooney playing Batman. Only Hollywood execs could ever make bad decisions this bad. Any real filmmaker, director, or respected producer would ixnay this before it even left the circle of investing idiots. Acting-wise I think both are ginormously talented. Just different.

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