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Hayden Christensen as a force ghost of Anakin Skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Stephanie

    Lol bulls. What a pile of lying garbagr

    1. Jack


  2. Dan

    Was never a fan of Heyden Christiansen as Aniken Skywalker.

  3. Rick Rogers

    So I am so glad someone has decided Star Wars doesn’t need Hayden any longer. We have to make Dave and Jon get the message not to write anymore stories that include him. To the writer do you understand how arrogant it sounds to write something like that. Heck if you’re gonna do that why don’t you just decree that they’re less trilogy doesn’t exist

  4. ChrisTheBruce

    He’ll be back in Kenobi. I love that he’s had the chance to portray Anakin as he was shown in the Clone Wars animation and the last few movies he was in. I believe he always did what the directors asked of him. He’s also ultra grateful, it shows!

  5. Jack

    Why didn’t Asokah ask him why he turned to the dark side when she met him again? I would think that would have been the first thing she would want to ask him even if he didn’t give her an answer.

  6. Keith

    You fanboys kill me

  7. Whatapileofsheeeit

    No we need more anakin and the clone wars

    1. Ana

      The only reason I’m watching the new stuff is to see Anakin again

  8. Kennedy and her gang decided the world was done with Luke and the rest and how did that work for them. Star wars is the skywalkers and as great as all the new players are, they will always rotate around the ogs. Some day someone will do a great old republic or new republic that will introduce new characters but its probably best to wait til us fan boys and girls die!

  9. Love the character and the actor. You people should just concentrate on the story which doesn’t make any sense. Blehh ! Writers get with the program, get a better scripts for the actors. And for the love of the god, please, please make the fighting scenes better, a lot more faster. whats the use of having life savers if you do t make those scenes catch the attention of the audience! Bleh. Bleh.

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