‘South Park’ Takes Huge Shot at Marvel and “Wokeism” in New Special

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Credit: Comedy Central

South Park is officially back, as the topical and crude adult humor series has announced its newest special. The new special will arrive on Paramount+ and take a massive shot at Marvel and “wokeism.”

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Credit: Comedy Central

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Interestingly, South Park Studios still has a huge lawsuit with Warner Bros. Discovery about the streaming rights to the series, though that has not stopped the company from producing a brand-new special. Initially, the case began when WarnerMedia acquired the rights to the adult animation for $500 million.

This sum would cover the previous 23 seasons plus all the new episodes produced through 2020. However, a new deal was struck between ViacomCBS for the rights to South Park, which totaled a staggering $900 million. Though most seasons can still be streamed on Max, all new specials are reserved for Paramount+.

Those specials are South Park: Post CovidSouth Park: Post CovidThe Return of CovidSouth Park: The Streaming Wars, and South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2. Each has brought satirical jokes covering current topics, like the streaming wars between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Though the above lawsuit is something we believe the show would eventually make fun of once it’s all cleared up, they are switching gears to include Marvel and identity politics in the new special titled Joining the Panderverse.

‘South Park: Joining the Panderverse’ Debuts First Trailer

The above trailer showcases a new look at the series, directly attacking Marvel with its title. Marvel has been deeply involved with the Multiverse stories, which can include multiple characters portrayed by different actors. Take Doctor Strange 2, for instance. The world was shocked to see that John Krasinski suited up as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Though that was pure fan casting, a new Reed Richards will be chosen.

Representation in films, movies, and more is one of the biggest current issues. This caused significant issues with Disney and their massive employee walkout, with people pushing back against the idea of LBGTQ subjects being taught in school. The infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill caused a huge rift between Florida residents, Disney, and Governor Ron DeSantis.

Right-wing political pundits and advocates against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill began to speak about “wokeism,” which is a term that slights anyone pushing for representation of any kind.

Though it has seemingly taken them a while to do this, the new South Park episode seems to take a direct satirical approach to this topic by poking fun at identity politics. All the cast of characters from Cartman, Stan, Butters, and Kenny have all been changed to different genders, ages and races. We imagine that Ron DeSantis might be appearing in the episode to some small degree.

The synopsis for the special is as follows:

Cartman’s deeply disturbing dreams portend the end of the life he knows and loves. The adults in South Park are also wrestling with their own life decisions as the advent of AI is turning their world upside down.

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Credit: Comedy Central

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South Park: Joining the Pandverse seems to be tackling identity politics, AI, and Marvel pushing the Multiverse in its current stories. The new special will stream exclusively on Paramount+ starting October 27 in the U.S. and Canada and will arrive on October 28 in the U.K. and Australia. More international countries will follow.

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