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Snow White and Rachel Zegler

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  1. Amanda

    There have been other non animated adaptations of Snow White, “Mirror Mirror, “and “Snow White and the Huntsman”, which show Snow White as a warrior, leader and not helpless. While I like those movies, I can see why some would-be upset at the original story being changed. I also read about taking the scene where Bambi’s mother is killed, out of the Bambi remake. I don’t think they should change the story like that. Death is real and sometimes young people learn about it early. It’s sad, but reality. Most of Disney’s movies include the death of parents, they say, because of the unexpected death of Walt Disney’s parents. I, for one, don’t know why they’re making all the live-action remakes in the first place. It seems like they’re running out of ideas if they just remake everything. Just my opinion.

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