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Two kids cry at Cinderella Castle

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  1. Sara k

    Was at Epcot yesterday. The line for Remi was 90 minutes. I told my grandaughter we were not going to wait and she was visibly upset. A xast member asked her what was wrong and when he heard he said, come with .e and took us to the front of the line. It totally made her day. Thank you to the awesome cast member in France

  2. Tracy

    My daughter, son-in-law, and their 3 kids went to Walt Disney World in February 2022. I was asked to also go as an extra driver, I actually ended up doing all the driving ( didn’t mind doing it). We stopped to get Dole Whip before getting on Pirates of the Caribbean. My then 2 yr old granddaughter accidentally dropped her ice cream cone, she didn’t like Dole Whip, and started crying. A cast member heard her and when she saw my daughter on a scooter due to an ATV accident and heard my granddaughter crying, gave her a lei, a little fan, and helped us skip the line so that my granddaughter and daughter didn’t have to navigate the que. We really appreciated the help. It was a great way for my grandkids and son-in-law to experience Disney for the first time. My daughter and I have both been numerous times.

  3. Gary

    Little ones will cry that is expected so do not do anything Disney to make it worse !!

  4. Elaine

    This is part of why I love Disney. They go above and beyond 99.9% of the time. I’ve run across the odd cast member here and there that was kind of rude, but I tend not to see those cast members more than once, and I go often.

    1. Monkey Shines

      I have no children, but have taken a neice and nephew.

      My neice was rude to her Mom while waiting to see Mary Poppins. Miss Poppins corrected her about manners. My neice was well behaved from then on. I was laughing inside.

      I’ve found with Cast Members they respond with kindness like they are people, which they are. I have responded with “Sir.” or “Ma’am”. I have been treated with nothing but kindness.

  5. Pal

    When I took my 7 year old triplets to celebrate their birthday, Disney cast members had a birthday card and stuffed animals in our room when we arrived. Over our stay their beds were turned down each night with chocolates on their pillows. We would fine small trinkets like Mickey toothbrushes. It was the best trip ever!

  6. John

    Nice to see positive comments rather than the usual slander by the trolls.

    Agree that the cast members are great! Spent the last 4 days there and my kid got sprinkled with pixie dust more than a few times and totally made his day; nothing like seeing pure joy.

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