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Brett Cooper as Snow White

Credit: The Daily Wire+, Bentkey


  1. Nao

    That’s who the racists think looks like Snow White!? I legit thought it was a trans…my mom did too….clearly about just hating other races having any lead roles in a film. Belle, Ciderella, Aurora, and Jasmin look nothing like the cartoons either, but you don’t hear the whiners….psychotic how MAGA has politicized grown men into attacking Disney princesses, and labelled minorities a threat for simply existing, including all girls and obsessing over corny princess movies made for 5yr olds and their profits….we got white men obsessing over GD Barbie movies in 2023 lmao…embarrassing, sus af, and unheard of. Must be closet gays or something.

    1. Dennis

      Oh right, how dare anyone expect Snow White to actually be white! So darned ridiculous those racists are. Next think you know the Fat Supremacists will be upset when a skinny guy is cast to play Fat Albert. Or maybe blondes won’t even be able to play Blackbeard the Pirate!

    2. Lala

      I just want to watch a movie and be entertained. I’m tired of all your pandering and I think most everyone else is too. I guess we will see which movie most people go see.

  2. Jay

    Every journalist out there is repeatedly and knowingly forcing people to judge this by always labeling it right-wing…can they just leave the politics out of this and just talk about the movie?

  3. Sue Scott

    I think they should leave it as I remember it growing up. This new version I won’t be watching

  4. Peteparker


  5. Peteparker

    Hmmm. Not sure how to think about all this.

  6. Madalyn Reinhardt

    I’m looking forward to see what DailyWire and Brett produce. Seeing something that’s more accurate to the Brother’s Grimm tale is what I’m most interested in.

    1. Sean

      Yup, I hope her acting is better than her free throw! LOL

  7. Larry C

    Isn’t it interesting how this version is described as “right-wing,” but the Rachel Zegler version is never described as “left-wing.”

  8. Dodger

    Thanks be to all that’s sacred and holy that someone has the good sense to insert politics into family entertainment, as God and baby Jesus intended.

  9. Timcoh

    There’s room for everyone

  10. A. E.

    Can’t wait to see the Bentkey version of Snow White. I’m so sick of the woke movies Disney is putting out now.

  11. Kristi

    Can’t wait to watch this. I cancelled Disney and anything Disney related long ago, beyond over the wokeness agenda. It is frustrating to see this described as right wing when the other is never called the left wing version.

  12. Sara

    Zegler is going to ruin snow white. I don’t think she deserves that part. They should give it to someone else who actually deserves it.

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