New Law Promises to Change Disney Park Forever

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Disneyland's multi-decade project, DisneylandForward

Credit: Inside the Magic

New developments in legislation promise to change a Disney park forever.

Mickey Mouse presenting plans for Disneyland's multi-decade project, DisneylandForward
Credit: Inside the Magic

Disney World Parks Vulnerable to Legal Changes

The Walt Disney Company accounts for a total of 500 acres of land in California, while its Central Florida Walt Disney World counterpart accounts for 43 square miles of property. That’s a lot of business being conducted, and it’s all subject to the law of the land.

While the Walt Disney Company can confirm its rules, like the Disney park pass reservation system, it can’t circumvent state law. This became abundantly clear in various fashions, from the Annual Pass lawsuit to the embroilment of Walt Disney World with the DeSantis political battles.

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Yet the Walt Disney Company continues to move forward (literally) through the Disneyland Forward project. Featuring massive development plans, it presents an interesting political alternative to the Florida Walt Disney World offering. That is provided Governor Newsom keeps to his plans for infrastructure progression.

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Credit: National Governors Association

Disney Theme Park Experience Subject to State and Federal Regulations

Federal regulations govern consumer protection and ensure that the Disney Experience is legal and meets the standards it sets forth. From a state level, things like roads, buildings, permitting, and content can be adjusted.

Resources get allocated differently based on the priorities of the state. And while Governor DeSantis has doubled down against Disney in Central Florida, in California, Governor Newsom makes things look a bit more promising. The law that just got signed accelerates development (with the budget to back it up).

DeSantis woke wars with Disney lead house speaker to literally speak out
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California Disneyland Resort Theme Park Sees Major Changes as Politics Heat Up

The Governor of California is a Democrat, representing the interests of Anaheim and spanning the Walt Disney Company theme park expansion process. Gavin Newsom has signed into law 890 bills and vetoed 169.

Reports show that Gavin Newsom is putting an assertive focus on issues relating to climate change and mental health. This puts the Governor in line with the inclusion efforts that many Disney fans appreciate. But the better news features the Disneyland Forward process, a long-term plan that relies on infrastructure support in state regulation.

Concept art for Tangled-themed land at Tokyo DisneySea.
Credit: Disney

Governor Gavin Newsom and Disneyland Park: A Winning Combination

By using infrastructure as a core of his political stance, it promises that Disney can continue along its endeavors. That means that the long-standing liberal state of California is going to be able to compete as an attraction on an international basis. Park availability is a key part of making a theme park decision for many.

Disney fans want the best possible bang for their buck, and that means things beyond Main Street, U.S.A.. It’s what Disneyland Forward plans to bring to the table and also what the current Governor of California plans to facilitate. This law can literally change a Disney park forever.

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