New ‘Godzilla’ “Masterpiece,” Outshines Apple TV+ Series

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Godzilla has remained one of the most iconic monsters in cinematic history that defined the disaster movie genre with its debut in 1954. The reptilian colossus was a creation inspired by the nuclear aftermath of WWII in Japan. The city-crushing, atomic blast-breathing monster or ‘kaiju’ would become a global phenomenon that generated a franchise that transformed a rubber-suited character actor into a groundbreakingly rendered CGI titan. Now, early reviews for the newest Godzilla have labeled it a “masterpiece,” stealing the thunder of the new Apple TV+ series.

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The Godzilla franchise has put out 38 movies in 69 years, but Warner Bros.’ acquisition of monstrous icon galvanized a new generation of ‘kaiju-lovers.’ Godzilla (2014) was a positive beginning as the first movie went onto gross $529 million at the box office. This encouraged the studio to up the stakes by creating a “Godzilla-verse” to expand the franchise and compete with other serialized brands such as Marvel and DC.

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This strategy produced two sequels and a spinoff that put the legendary ‘King of Monsters’ up against classic foes like the three-headed dragon, King Ghidorah, the winged wreckage of Rodan, the abominable insect, Mothra, the destructive Mecha-Godzilla, and the legendary mountainous ape, King Kong. While the fanbase was expecting to get their Kaiju fix with the upcoming Apple TV+ series, Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters, a new Godzilla film has upstaged its American counterpart by receiving reviews labeling it a “cinematic masterpiece.”

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The production company that originated Godzilla, Toho Co., has reinvented the mythology of the massive reptile in Godzilla Minus One. The story is a period piece that takes place after the devastation of the second World War. This similarly unleashes Godzilla on Tokyo as people attempt to survive this powerful threat. While this appears like a rehash of the original, director Takashi Yamazaki chose to focus on themes over only visuals.

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Critics have commended Yamazaki for choosing to make this retelling a clear anti-war film that carried an emotional heaviness and endearing message of hope. Many reviewers have labeled the new Godzilla movie a “beautiful masterpiece.” These overwhelmingly positive reviews will only build fan expectations as the 69th annual celebration of ‘Godzilla Day’ approaches on November 3, 2023.

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Even though Godzilla Minus One will not make its United States premiere until December, tickets will become available for pre-order on ‘Godzilla Day,’ along with other commemorative, limited edition Funko Pop, Youtooz and Super7 merchandise. Toho has also partnered with Pluto TV to stream a marathon of Godzilla content on the anniversary date.

Godzilla Minus One is set to debut in the United States on December 1, 2024. ‘Godzilla Day’ will be scheduled to launch November 3, 2023. Then, the Apple TV+ prequel series, Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters will premiere November 17, 2023.

Which Godzilla project are you looking forward to more? Can Godzilla remain a profitable franchise?

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