Miami Football Legend Stars As Younger Self in New Animated Series

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Even with its flaws, the film industry has inspired nearly 130 years’ worth of artists to create impactful stories through a variety of platforms. While scripted movies and television have been two of the biggest titans in entertainment, televised professional sports rival them equally. They also captivate viewers with tales of brutal faceoffs, tragic defeats, and unexpected comebacks. Like most stories, the hero’s journey is only as good as its hero. Sony Pictures has found theirs with football superstar, Lionel Messi, in a new highly-anticipated series.

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Most Americans associate football with helmets, tackling and the Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift romance. However, American football derives from rugby football, which was a spinoff from “association” football aka soccer. While professional soccer does not even crack the top three in sports within the U.S., professional soccer (football) is the most watched sport on Earth.

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One of football’s biggest legends currently plays for the United States’ pro team, Inter Miami CF. Lionel Messi has arguably been regarded as one of the greatest athletes in modern sports history. He was just 12-years-old when he was scouted to play in Spain. The Argentine footballer would make his way up to the famed Barcelona team where he would help them win three separate European titles in one season. He would go on to surpass every goal scoring league record for Barcelona and would become the only player to win “World Player of the Year” four times.

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He would become one of the most decorated pro football players in the last two decades. Messi would win a club record of 34 trophies, 21 league titles, the 2008 gold medal with Argentina, the 2021 America Cup and the most recent 2022 World Cup. The football icon has also used his fame to become an ambassador for Unicef, a child rights organization, to support easier access to education and sporting activities for children.

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After forging such an incomparable 20 year legacy, Lionel Messi has now partnered with Sony Pictures to launch a new animated series called Messi and the Giants. Messi will serve as the inspiration for the program, which will showcase a 12-year-old version of Messi as he confronts various obstacles while traveling throughout a video game on a quest to go home.

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The president of Sony Music Entertainment, Fernando Cabral, stated, “We can’t wait to share the vision and creative direction behind this inspirational series with full support from Leo and his incredible team. Joe D’Ambrosia for Sony Pictures Kids Television continued, “Football is the only sport around the world that can inspire excitement and connection in the same way that storytelling does. What makes this series special is that it focuses on the same principles of good sportsmanship… it’s about perseverance, resilience, teamwork and believing in yourself.”


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Messi and the Giants does not have a release date, but Sony made a point to claimed that it will be presented in English, Spanish, and many other languages.

What do you think of this upcoming series? Should American pro athletes be doing the same? Which athlete would you want to see?

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