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L-R: Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Kevin Kostner (John Dutton) in Yellowstone

Credit: Paramount


  1. So, I have had the opportunity to work with Kevin Costner. On the set, he is extremely difficult to work with. I am a Big Shot filmmaker and demand quality in my actors. I would hire him again.
    The show, Yellowstone, is quite overrated.

    1. RMS

      Don’t know how shows are rated, but thought the viewers had a hand in that. If this show isn’t finished, I will never watch another show with Costner!

  2. BTW, I gave turned KC down for roles. Just saying.

    1. Jrae

      I wish they would have killed John Dutton off in one of the earlier episodes. There are so many other worthy actors in the Yellowstone series. The deserved a chance to move forward. Classic Kevin Costner overrating himself

  3. Tattykattav

    we love Yellowstone. Hope it doesn’t go away but all the greats they take off tv and out crap on

    1. Lisa

      Hey, Kevin, finish what you start! I respect you as a person, an actor, husband, father, and musician, but it seems that’s not all fitting together very well. I’m sorry that you amd your estranged wife, and children are going through so much pain, I truly have been there. Love, healing, and strength to move forward for you all!

  4. Shari

    I love this show and I wish that Kevin Costner would finish season 5 out

    1. Kim

      Love Yellowstone! I’m looking forward to another season of 1923, it was excellent! I was reading there is a possibility of a 2nd season of 1883. That would be awesome, it was outstanding! If, Yellowstone would be filmed in Texas, I won’t be watching it anymore. The scenery in Yellowstone, 1923 and ultimately, in 1883. Not interested in Texas land scape. No comparison! I’ve rewatched 1883, 1923 & Yellowstone 4 times. I think Jimmy seems out of place in Yellowstone anyway.

  5. As a person that doesn’t get excited with TV programs I enjoyed this one. Then it stops or they place it on another network you have to buy. As far as I concerned it was a great show till the end. Good characters Beth was a hoot with her attitude on life. Jamie was a typical pansy. Kevin Coster played the part well.

  6. Cher

    I would like to see Jamie killed off by rip

  7. Ginger Murphy-Phillips

    Want more Yellowstone…so many
    directions to go!!
    K. Coster, not needed.

  8. Julie

    I want Yellowstone to have many more seasons to come. I love this show

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