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Jenna Ortega dancing as Wednesday Addams in 'Wednesday'

Credit: Netflix


  1. Zack

    I would say once you have good actor playing a really good role in a move or tv show. Also get use to seeing that person in that role like jenna ortega playing Wednesday. I think it would be hard to get another to play that role and be as good or excellent in that role. Im a big fan of the Addams family shows since i was little. So im all for Jenna Ortega to stay in that role
    as Wednesday Addams. Thats what make that new series so good and famous for this new generation. Thats just my opinion.

    1. Mesh

      There is no Wednesday without Jenna Ortega. Period.

      1. chris Luty

        with out Jenny Ortega playing Wednesday the show well not succeed


        Well no one can tip the original of course Christina Ricci, but I agree I think Jenny did capture the essence of Wednesday and did an amazing portrayal of a modern day Wednesday. I think it would hard to find an actress that can top her performance now.

      3. Cindi


        1. Lee

          Jenna Ortega’s acting is still and always so Disney like that makes it hard for her to be different in movies with a set tone such as Wednesday like dark and emotionless

      4. G

        I wholeheartedly agree. Period.

      5. Jessica

        I couldn’t agree more, the show is definitely a hit because of Jenna Ortega playing Wednesday Adams. Although the other actors would be missed if replaced the show could still go on without any issues but if the take Ortega from the show I won’t watch it andi doubt I am alone in that opinion.

        1. Erwim

          It is time for her to move on and act in Beetlejuice! Why not write a story about her upcoming role in Beetlejuice!

    2. Katy

      I completely agree with you. Jenna Ortega made that series. She was amazing at the role and I grew up with the Addams Family.

    3. Erwim

      Or something could write about her new role in Beetlejuice!

    4. Kim

      I agree. She brought alot of fans, especially with her dance moves. Its all over the web. It is well liked. I think it would be best to keep her on board. She is a very good actress in my eyes. Another actress wont do, wont be the same. Just like Days of our Lives. Belle which was Kirsten Storms was the iriginal actress then they had others to replace her and wasnt the same. I just couldnt get into the soap opera anymore when they keep changing other people too. Keep Jenna Ortega.

  2. Tony

    Stop the show if your replacing her. Seriously you are going to doom the show. She is the show!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mesh

      Talk about your reflex short sighted over reactions- holy crap. A lapse in judgement is exactly that – nothing more. Throwing away potentially millions in future God knows what is just insane. She is young – dont be stupid.

      1. NiKi

        Someone forgot to proof read. Her character in YOU Is Ellie ALVES not Ella Lopez 😂

      2. Mike

        Relax. She’ll be back along with the show and season 2.

    2. Jason

      They are not replacing her. They never were. She just can’t use the character until the strike is over.

      1. Sora

        Exactly. I get why they chose banned but it seems extreme.

      2. Mike


      3. Jessica

        Yup. No other place – can she say she is Wednesday.
        Probably take out half her wardrobe

    3. Mark Korenhof

      To right Tony.

  3. Christina Armieri

    Please bring Jenna Ortega back as Wednesday in The Addams Family. She is a brilliant and amazing actress, and her interpretation of the character is fresh and intriguing.

  4. John Schubert

    If Jenna Ortega is not Wednesday in subsequent films there is no reason to make those films. She captured that role as her own and could never be replaced. Just like making another Pirates…movie without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow would be pure foolishness.

    1. Elizabeth

      Lol the world seems to be on fire because sadly Jonny Depp quit Disney ( rightfully so… And Disney probably will try and replace him and it will end badly), who ever took Jenna Ortega off the project for the Adam’s family universe should be fired! Immediately, Jenna is a extremely talented actor and deserves creative freedom because actors like Jenna know what the audience wants and it’s authenticity, which seemingly this industry seems to lack and can’t take that this young actor has bested them at their own game, and wants Jenna out. All the things she changed in the Netflix adaptations saved Wednesday as a project for Netflix. If it wasn’t for her and she did everything that they asked, it would have tanked badly…. Netflix has a golden goose and they haven’t seen it yet and golden eggs name is Jenna Ortega.

    2. Raz

      Actually Christina Ricci made the Addams family movies famous.

  5. Mary

    I think she makes Wednesday come to life. I cant wait for season 2. If Jenna isnt in it, we wont watch it. 😁.

    1. Cassidie

      I am with you on that one 💯💯💯

  6. Cassidie

    You guys can’t do this. She literally started as Wednesday and you won’t be able to find anyone that can play her as good as Jenna.

    1. Rose

      No one is going to watch Wednesday if Jenna Ortega is not HER! PERIOD. She brought her to life. Christina Ricci made the role and Jenna Ortega excuted. She knew the assignment and she played it well. Can not see anyone else who could possibly be a better Wednesday!

      1. Anonymous

        It’s kind of scary that people think Christina Ricci originated that role lmao

  7. Heather

    Why ban her? I thought she was awesome in Wednesday!

    1. Anthony Pilone

      She’ll come back. I know she will, you’ll see 😉

    2. Mitch Dustin

      They have no intention of replacing her. She is a member OF SAG AFTRA and cross the picket line. What she is banned from doing is appearing as Wednesday or in costume before the strike is over

  8. Carmen Diaz

    This is an awesome series that should be continued and not banned at all..

    1. Kathy Fisher

      I really hope she continues as Wednesday. She is a great actress no matter what she plays in. I loved her in Scream can’t wait for number 7.

  9. I love the show. Please don’t change it. I’ve been anticipating season 2 so long. I met this character/person as she is and love the character. I don’t think it will be the same if you take Jenna out. Probably move on to something else, Everytime I find a show I like, you change it or cancel it. So frustrating, And disappointing.

    1. I totally agree about Wednesday only with Jenna Ortega and also hate when a great new show gets cancelled. That’s the reason I don’t start watching new shows anymore. I’ve only started watching Wednesday after it was announced that there would be season two

  10. David Moore

    Chistina Ricci was much better in the role.

    1. Rroe

      Christina Ricci is now 43 and definitely does not fit the role any longer as the Addams “little girl”. When she played the Adams role eon’s ago she was fabulous, but unfortunately time takes it tole. Jenna I thought did a fabulous job.

    2. Rose

      She set the stage but Jenna Ortega brought it to life. Binge worthy. One day completion. My kids love Jenna Ortega she is their Christina Ricci. She played it well.

    3. Kenny

      How can you say that if you haven’t seen Jenna Ortega play the role yet come on use your brain

  11. Maya

    That’s OK. I’ve had unflavored oatmeal that wasn’t as bland as her Wednesday.

  12. Mesh

    Without Jenna Ortega, Wednesday would be over – like instantly.

  13. Gave a me a heart attack lord of mercy.

  14. Ryan

    So they can still tell people what they can and can’t do yet be on strike at the same time? Idc who it is. Nobody and I mean nobody, will ever tell me that I can’t wear a costume come Halloween time especially if it’s a character that I’m playing in a tv show! 🖕

  15. Victor

    I hope she does have a chance to play more Wednesday adams. She did such a great Job playing the character that I’ve been waiting to see more.

  16. Rroe

    Not sure why you would lead into saying that Jenna Ortega was BANNED, which is not the case at all and she in fact is being sought after instead.

  17. Phillip

    She’s out-growing her character.

  18. Kait

    Are you kidding there’s still a strike ? Nonsense. This was a horrible decision for her career 👎🏼

  19. If Jenna isn’t specifically cast as Wednesday. Don’t bother releasing the season. With no Jenna you have no Wednesday, and less views can mean no show. People love this show so please don’t disappoint us by casting anyone other then JENNA ORTEGA!!!!

  20. Leslie Davidson

    Love her character. NO ONE CAN DO IT BETTER!

  21. Rachel puertas

    Netflix will be making a huge mistake. She is the best actress to play any character. Please continue to have her on Netflix.

  22. Tonya

    I hope they let her stay as her role she plays a good Wednesday Adams and can’t wait to see how she does in Beetlejuice 2 but that’s my opinion I think the show wouldn’t be as good without her …

  23. Loris

    No keep her she the perfect Wednesday

  24. Traci

    The show will be a failure without her she makes that part and the show. Whatever you can do to get her back should be done

  25. If she does not return I WILL NOT BE TUNING IN !!!! She made the show !!!!


  27. Brett Robarts

    If she is not playing Wednesday Addams then I definitely will not be watching. Christina Ricci and Jenna Ortega are the ultimate portrayers of Wednesday Addams.
    Netflix will probably lose a lot of viewers of that series.

  28. Cassie

    If she doesn’t play Wednesday in second season might as well not make a new season. I hope they get it settled and she can be in the next season.

  29. Elamma

    Jenna makes the best cast and I honestly think she should keep her role. No Jenna no Wednesday 2

  30. Mamabear75

    If Ortega does not return, there is no point in continuing. She made the role what it is.

  31. Dylan

    One of the best shows on Netflixs and would not be wensday without Jenna Ortega

  32. Noy

    She supports terrorism she shouldn’t be on Netflix

    1. Why wld u say she supports terrorism? Get off of here if u can’t make better comments than that! Stick to what everyone else is talking abt. Jeeezzzzz!! 🤨😒

    2. Max

      Just like you support terrorism. The reason you’re not on NETFLIX, I suppose?

  33. Kevin

    That not good to not have her come back all stop watching the movies

  34. Jenni

    I love her. She was perfect!

  35. Lynne

    The show won’t be the same without her playing Wednesday. Not sure that I would even watch if you doesn’t return


  37. HC

    I loved it! She was perfect. If anyone else was in the role, I don’t know if I would watch it. I also loved Itt. I love it when they give life to objects like that. You can practically see scowls, frowns, and irritation on a hand!
    The only problem was the rest of the family. Morticia looked like she was wearing a costume, Raoul looked like he wanted to be a gangster, but “drew a 31 instead of 13” and was a fat dorky bully, and Pugsly looked like he didn’t have two brain cells to rub together so he just ate.

  38. Quan

    Simply, Jenna O must remain to be Wednesday. Make it happen…🥰😘✌🏽

  39. I can’t believe this, Jenna Ortega was the best Wednesday. Pls tell me this isn’t true

  40. I can’t believe it, this is fake , right?

    1. deneshia

      Its actually about halloween costumes. Ortega cannot wear a halloween costume of her character. It has nothing to do with banning her or her not returning for season 2. Whoever writes these puts out a title that will make people click on it and its never actually anything related to the title. However, we are all commenting so whoever is writing this nonsense is getting paid.

  41. Di


  42. Tiffanie Schaffer

    If Jenna Ortega is not going to be Wednesday Addams, then my whole family is going to boycott the show. Jenna Ortega is Wednesday Addams

  43. Mayjay

    I would NOT watch the second season unless Wednesday was played by Jenna Ortega. She makes the show what it is.

  44. Jenna is made for this part. She is one of the reasons I watched it. If Jenna goes, I go. Sorry.

  45. Tegan

    I don’t think Wednesday would be Wednesday without Jenny Ortega. She developed and took over the character as if she was real.

  46. Melissa

    Jenna Ortega IS Wednesday Addams.! There isn’t any other actress who could play that role as perfectly as she did !.. It would be madness to try and replace her and would absolutely ruin the whole show !!!

  47. I love Jenna Ortega as Wednesday

  48. Robin

    I can state right now, if Jenna Ortega is banned and will no longer star as Wednesday…I will be canceling my subscription to Nerflix.
    There have only been a few shows that I found
    Spell binding….that I always looked forward to…Wednesday was the ONE!
    if you ban her…
    I ban you!

  49. Robin

    There have been very few programs on Netflix that my husband and I always looked forward to.
    WEDNESDAY held us both spellbound. I can’t say much about the actors that played the mother and father…but JENNA ORTEGA was AMAZING!! IF SHE IS BANNED…

  50. Robert

    No Jenna Ortega, no Wednesday, it’d be like banning Johnny Depp as Capitan Sparrow, not worth watching.

  51. Christal

    I love her as wensday she plays her perfectly…there’s no other wensday that could do her better….just like no one could replace johnny dep in the pirates of the Caribbean not one plat it better……so keep her going doing wensday stop the strike and get her back to work…thing is missing her🖐️

  52. John

    What a perfect wendsday the only one that can play her

  53. Jenna Ortega IS Wednesday! She is excellent and does the roll in an inventive and imaginative way! No one else could/can be Wednesday as well as Jenna!!

  54. Susana

    Their is No other WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

  55. Are you Insane?!?! She is the BEST Wednesday ever! How could you replace her? The Role is hers now!!! Why not have a meeting where you all work it out and get on with great show!!

  56. Linda

    Let her be! On with Wednesday and Jenny!

  57. Johanna

    She does a wonderful job. Perfect pick for this role.

  58. Ronnie VanZandt

    If Jenna ortega is not on wednesday I will cancel my subscription to Netflix.

  59. Angelica

    She should be banned from being Wednesday

    1. EliBlu

      Explain please?

  60. Jen's BF

    If she ain’t on there I’m not watching the show anymore

  61. Julie

    Wednesday, will NOT be the same without Jenna Ortega she brought that character to life in such a brilliant way, as an advid fan of the show I’d be disappointed with her character being played by someone else. SHE IS TRULY BRILLIANT!!

  62. EliBlu

    There is a psychosis going on in this country that is detrimental to society as a whole! When is enough enough… dividing humanity, as to pit us against each other in every way possible until big brother has to step in to “rescue”= restrict/confine us to are room for are “own self protection” unless we follow the narrative that’s prescribed! when will we see are demise that’s happening right in front of are eyes! Right under your nose! OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE DISGUISED LIES!

    1. Jared

      It’s OUR, not ARE…

  63. Dem

    This is messed up she did a really good job my kids love the show we as parent enjoyed the shoe it wouldn’t be the same without her so no Jenna then the file shouldvendb

  64. Ricky De hart

    I’m really pissed at net Felix Jenna Ortega made that show shame on you and shame on anyone who trust to Play that movie you lost 1 follower any how net dicks you mean

  65. Ricky De hart

    okay Netflix are you so rich you don’t need no more money that girl is the only one that can play this part with out her your show will suck !!! wake up use her make money and a lot of us fans very happy or lose us well me for sure I’ll just say well netdicks messed up again big time

  66. Kosherpickle

    If Jenna Ortega is not playing Wednesday the show will die. I tell you this Christina Ricci played her phenomenally but Jenna Ortega has taken Wednesday to another level. Her dark humor her facial expressions she is a wonderful actress and the only person that can be cast for Wednesday.

  67. There are few of the Adams family movies out there that truly peek my interest. However Wednesday was an excellent series because of the way Tim Burton directed the series. The true key was the part of Wednesday Adams as portrayed by Miss Ortega.

    Jenna Ortega actually made the entire series stand out as a work of art. She never let her character got lost in any part. Keep watching because Mis Ortega has shown herself to be a true troubadour that will only get better as time and her acting moves on.

    The Screen Actor’s Guild is to blame should Jenna not be able to reprise her roll as Wednedsay Adams.

    John Sostrom

  68. I think it’s kinda silly to ban them just for their costumes. I don’t think we’ll see shows returning anytime soon with those rules In place.

  69. Todd

    It would not be Wednesday without Ortega

  70. Bert Rushmore

    A long walk just to say it’s because of semantics and nonsense, but alright.

  71. Erica

    If she’s not playing the role, I’m not watching it!! 😒

  72. Laura

    Changing such an iconic character like that will ruin the show. She is what MADE Wednesday, Wednesday. The show would lose a lot changing her now. They’d be better off postponing and just waiting to start shooting until she can rejoin them.

  73. Sheri

    Jenna makes the whole show so without her I doubt many people will be interested in watching it…end of story sheri

  74. Duchess

    Exactly. Agreed.

  75. Marcha

    I feel that Jenna Ortega should continue the role as Wednesday Addam. Furthermore it would be just like taking Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean, or Henry Cavil from the Witcher. Keep the great actors/actresses in their character roles and do your best to keep them happy so that they will stay with the production. The films do much better at pulling in the money than if you change the main characters person, and ( I personally) do NOT like it at all!!!!

  76. John

    So it seems no one can read and if she wants to dress as it bump you guys she can do what she wants. Im tired of people that make hundreds of thousands a year striking. Ill take there job for less money. Screw them they are all entitled anyway. Get rid of these unions and just hire people. Youll find just as good or better work from others.

  77. Mark Korenhof

    What a joke!! No one could play Wednesday Adams as well as Jenna Ortega. A HUGE mistake if they do replace her as no one would watch the show deeming Season 2 as a flop.

  78. Al

    If Jenna is not in the show then I will not be watching! She nailed the role! Enough said

  79. David

    As a long time fan of the Addam family (the original show) Jenna made this role hers. If they replace her in the role of Wednesday the show will fail.

  80. Eric

    Thats gonna ruin that show she really made that show good

  81. Desi

    If they take her out that show is going to one not be the same and two effing suck. She made the show

  82. Owning you

    Mediocre actress on a woke show. Sorry not sorry, everyone in the comments is clueless to what real acting is.

  83. Kim Mortense

    No Wednesday without Ortega😉

  84. Tami

    I won’t be watching if Miss Ortega is not the Wednesday actress

  85. Miranda Byrd

    If you take Jenna Ortega from the role of Wednesday, you’ll never be able to reprise it and survive with someone else playing her. She’s just too perfect of a fit for it.
    Just as She’s perfect for Beetlejuice 2.
    Scream 7 I think would survive without her, but hopefully they can all be staggered so she can succeed in them all.

  86. Marc W.

    I love Jenna Ortega, KEEP WEDNESDAY!!!🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽. She is the best & the one and Only choice for that character!

  87. Trenquillia

    This is just insane. My whole entire family is a huge fan of Jenna as Wednesday. My daughter is going to be her for Halloween. NO can even Come Close to playing this role better than Jenna and if you all where to get someone the movie would be a disaster and disgrace to the Adams Family.

  88. Erwim

    Really don’t care about the strike. Being that I like movies and don’t watch Netflix. I can’t wait till she plays a role in Beetlejuice. Now that I’m looking forward to seeing!

  89. Erwim

    It is time for her to move on and act in Beetlejuice!

  90. Mykel O

    I watched her on
    tik tok and YouTube
    expressing how much she loves doing the acting for Wensday ,the culture shock of movie making in which her family did not get affected they gave no special treatment and expected miss Ortega to contribute as ther child with chores and cleaning her room a health home wellness ! I’ve watched wensday and its entirety and believe the bann will stop and I look forward to the second season ,jennaOrtega is amazing young American actress with talent for a lasting career.she came up with the supreme dance ball choreography on the spot ! Nothing should keep her from making whatever movies in

  91. Shay

    Oh that is bs since when do striking writier tell a studio what their actor and actress can and can not wear and do they not think they can not be replaced. Sorry if your a bit part actor/actress you get paid as such if you are a soso writer why should you get paid as a good writer. The crap coming out of hollowywood has sucked ib the last oh 10 years there have been a few good things because the actors have listen to the public and they go to south korean,austrila canda and such everything in holloywood is polical and needs to stop and go back to entertainment which is what it was created for long ago.

  92. Melissa Hadley

    I would no longer watch the show if ortega doesn’t play wednsday Adam’s. The whole show would go to s##t.
    I think most ppl would agree

  93. Ed

    I’m sorry but without Jenna Ortega there is no Wednesday!

  94. I’m not going to watch if Jenna Ortega is not Wednesday! The show just won’t be the same.

  95. MK

    If she does or doesn’t continue after the strikes I don’t care. My love is for the original Addams family story, not with any new actors they bring around. As long as the actress has the same vibe to match the story and original I’m down to watch it.

  96. Angel Smith

    Who are you going to get that’s better than Jenna for Wednesday’s role? Nobody…… listen if she’s not in it I will not be watching

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