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A sign that reads "Haunted Mansion" in front of the white mansion holding the attraction of the same name at Disneyland Park.

Credit: Disney


  1. Kayla

    If you are offended by a ride a Disney, DONT GO! I’m really sick of people making Disney change things because they are entitled and ruining it for everyone else!

    1. JadeVR

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Kayla. The people of this world are becoming more and more triggered and soft every single day. Even over something that’s “fantasy.” It’s scary how oversensitive the populace is becoming.
      Can’t have this in an attraction, don’t say this, don’t print that. You can’t sell these, they offend ME. So what exactly does the public want from Disney? Flowers and puppies?

    2. Rteker


    3. Of the woke they think that everything is their way and it should be made their way I’m sorry Disney’s been in production since 1955 when the park opened up they change things to updated but all of a sudden now the pirates are offensive the boobs are hanging out on one of the on one of the pirates women oh Jesus grow up it’s time that Disney says no more changes you don’t like it we don’t want your business everybody else seems to be fine with it except you from the work generation and well I’m not going to be racially motivated but a lot of the fights the park now

      1. Nia

        This has nothing to do with woke

        1. Chris B

          Do some research Nia and you’ll find out that you’re obviously wrong.

    4. Denis

      Agree fully

    5. Nia


    6. Leslie

      I agree. Sick of having to cater to a bunch of pansies.

      1. Kathy

        I think they change things with too few complaints. On the other hand it’s nice to have some changes so we aren’t bored with it.

    7. Michele

      You are so right. Sick of it.

  2. Linny

    Dude people! It’s just a ride! Stop trying to change things that haven’t been a problem until YOU think so! You entitled people are ruining Disney! Don’t look at it if you don’t like it! Geez! Other then that, the drawing of Candle man for the imagined is awesome!

  3. Gregg

    “I’m offended you’re offended …!”

  4. I agree. Sick of having to cater to a bunch of pansies.

  5. Jon

    Again, Disney is letting themselves get pushed around. One of these days maybe they will grow so.e balls a ND let things be. All these things were Walt’s ideas. I guess his dreams don’t count. Who cares anymore about other people’s dreams. I can see him now. He hasn’t stopped rolling in his grave since they started all this bullcrap. Stop catering to a handful of sensitive; oh, you hurt me people

    1. Kekepania

      Walt had nothing to do with the Ghost Host hanging himself. The storyline they came up with for Haunted Mansion came after he passed away.

  6. Gabe

    As a cast member I totally approve jungle cruise isn’t the same anymore

  7. Jmar

    What ever happened to ” I’m sorry you feel that way. That’s just the way it is”?

  8. Jeremiah

    Oh heck it’s part of the story line leave it alone. What next dare I say the caterpillar from Alice in wonderland is promoting smoking a hookah oh no gotta change that too. Give me a damn break I’m over people

  9. Alan

    This bullshit needs to stop no one forced you to go to that attraction. Everyone that has voiced a concern should be banned from visit the theme park …this insensitive bullshit must stop no more aunt Jemima no more uncle bens rice where will it stop ??? Close the parks cause Walt’s dead??? Put it all back and send these sensitive people to a mental health ward next thing they’ll close the castle cause the witch caused sleeping beauty to prick her finger that’s witchcraft and we can’t support that!!!!!!

  10. Sky

    Changing something to completely dismiss the original idea is not honoring the creator. Absolutely assinine.

  11. Jordan. P Davidson

    Ugh grow the frick up! Don’t like something on a attraction then leave there’s other places to visit or just stay home.

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