Guest Admits Trying To Sneak Into Exclusive Disney World Event, Promptly Removed

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For many guests visiting the Disney parks, vacation takes a lot of time and money to plan. As prices continue to rise on everything from tickets to hotel stays to travel in general, each and every minute counts when visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

Unfortunately, the parks are subject to attraction downtimes and construction throughout the year, which means that at any given point in time, guests might experience a less-than-perfect Disney trip. On top of this, the parks often close early for certain special after-hours events throughout the year. These events include things like the Disneyland After Dark events, which included Sweethearts Nite, Throwback Nite, Star Wars Nite, and Princess Nite, among others.

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The parks also close early for special cast member appreciation events, but nothing is more consistent or more frustrating than going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World between the months of August and January, only to find out that the parks are closing early for one of the holiday parties.

At Walt Disney World, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) takes place at the Magic Kingdom from August to the first weekend of November on select nights. The event is a separately -ticketed event, meaning that guests must purchase a ticket for the party in addition to a daytime ticket. Tickets for MNSSHP run anywhere from $150-$200 on top of a regular daytime ticket. Unfortunately this means that if you want to go to the park in the day and the party at night, you’re putting out about $300 per person for one day at Disney.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
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Unfortunately, this also means that if you don’t buy a ticket to the Halloween party, but you are at Magic Kingdom in the daytime, you’ll be forced to leave the park at 6 o’clock, cutting your day in the park short. For some guests, being kicked out of the park may come as a surprise if they’re not aware that there’s a party happening that day or that the party requires an additional ticket.

Unfortunately, on these days regular daytime tickets are not discounted even though the time allowed in the park during the day is cut short. It’s led to much frustration and complaints from Disney guests over the years, especially recently with costs consistently on the rise.

Disney Cast Members welcome Guests as they enter through Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
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In a now-deleted Reddit thread, one guest addressed this issue, asking how cast members ensured that guests were escorted out of Magic Kingdom for the party. They also joked that they were going to try and sneak into staying in the park, asking if they would get kicked out. Other commenters quickly took this Redditor to task, probably leading to the post’s removal by moderators.

Cast members issues wristbands for those attending MNSSHP (and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party), which change colors each day at random to ensure that guests don’t try to use old wristbands to attend the event again. Announcements are made across the park letting daytime guests know that the time is approaching for them to leave the park and cast members are security are located around the park to ensure that every guest after the start time has a wristband.

Unfortunately, anyone caught trying to sneak around the rules and stay for a party without a wristband could be subjected to a variety of consequences, including being escorted off the property or banned for life. While the cost of a Disney vacation in general, and an after-hours holiday party specifically, continue to rise, it’s not worth the risks of trying to skirt around Disney’s system.

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