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Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven in 'Frozen II'

Credit: Disney


  1. Eric

    Dependent_Struggle_2 here. Surprised by the mention, but grateful.
    Queen Disa is a very interesting character, and really makes a cute couple with Elsa: the tech girl and the magical girl, a great shipp trope.

    1. John Pope

      Nobody cares about your mention, lol.

      1. Eric

        So you consider yourself a nobody?

  2. P.C.Knott

    I have every bit of confidence that Disney will “F” up a third rendition of this series. It’s what Disney does these days.

    1. Dave

      I love Frozen one or two and three and four I am a big fan

  3. John S.

    Interesting character design, but I hate that everyone is just assuming that Disa the new character is queer. Trying to ship with Elsa would just mess up her character arc.

  4. RickTR

    Oh course they had to throw a black woman in here with Afric being so close to the Nordic countries.

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