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A dad pushing his four-year-old in a stroller and smiling after pretending the child was two to avoid paying for a Disneyland ticket.

Credit: @ogcarnal via TikTok


  1. Patty C

    This is theft and should be dealt with as such. If caught Ban them

  2. Wendi

    It takes a decent human being to care about others. Cheaters and thieves, by the very definition of the words, are not decent human beings. Expecting them to care about the people they harm is pointless.

  3. Rteker

    It’s thanks to people like them who sneak others into the parks that in effect has an influence on prices and the increments of how much. Perma-ban people like them

  4. Cathy Pasek

    You shouldn’t steal from anyone! Thou shalt not steal period!! Yes, companies have to raise prices, and maybe even layoffs to compensate for theft. I know personally that Disney gives greater discounts for the younger ones. I paid over 28,000 dollars for a total Disney experience. My grandkids ages were 10,10, and 15. We had 5 adults. So we paid for 8 adult tickets. We were there 6 days!! Very expensive. That was in 2015.💞

    1. DisEmp

      Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg. What most people don’t realize is the amount of refunds Disney hands out to primarily black guests. And I hate to implicate groups of people as each person is an individual, it’s such a rampant problem that no one can or is willing to discuss. It’s the dirty little secret laying on top of the elephant in the room.

  5. David De Witt

    Easy solution but will slow down passing through the gates: instate a policy that you need to show proof of age, i.e., the birth certificate. I know it would be humbug but policy almost always follows unwanted or unexpected behavior or actions.

  6. Rteker

    Gee and people wonder why the prices are going up…

  7. Stephen

    Little known “fun” fact.

    As you know, new Magic Keys aren’t being sold, but there is an exception, and that is for children of existing Magic Key holders.

    2 year olds are indeed free, so new Magic Keys can be sold to 3 year olds, and only 3 year olds.

    Once the child turns 4, they’re no longer eligible to get a Magic Key.

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