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In two screenshots from a TikTok, a cast member directs guests away from two families involved in a fight at Disneyland Park.

Credit: @marquezmemories on TikTok


  1. Aidan Patterson

    The reason for the fight was that the family in red wouldn’t move from blocking the walkway, I was a witness as I was trying to get past the family in red as well.

    1. Mike C

      Find out who they are and ban the entire family for life

      1. Gary

        You got it right !

  2. kay

    How traumatizing and embarrassing for the kids, they look so scared.
    I’m pretty sure that they can’t afford to go back anyways, so banning them wouldn’t be too hard.

    1. Lisa

      That is freaking sick and racist like do you guys not understand that there are black people who don’t act like this but yet we have to sit here and hear you guys say the most racist shit to mankind. What makes you think they can’t afford it?

    2. Em

      Who said they couldn’t afford to come back and why is that your assumption?

  3. Sue

    Even here at Disney world same crap and I’m sorry it always involves blacks bc they come to the park and think they r entitled and this is the truth I see it all the time

    1. Em

      My goodness 😒

  4. Ray

    Exactly lol. How wa it I already knew what color they were lol

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