Family’s Horrifying Moment Disneyland Park Elevator Comes to a Terrifying Halt

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A boy and girl with their faces blurred inside of an elevator with Mickey Mouse in front of the Disneyland California castle with fireworks going off.

Credit: Edited by Inside The Magic / @_vgomezmarin on TikTok

A Disneyland family caught a horrifying video of their ruined magical evening as they attempted to board an elevator at midnight to return to their vehicle.

Mickey's Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster on Pixar Pier at Disneyland Resort's California Adventure
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Disneyland Incidents Over the Last Week

Sometimes, you go on vacation and have a lovely, memorable time visiting places like Disneyland Resort in California. Other times, you end up experiencing a traumatic and terrible moment. A family is accused of hiding their elementary-aged daughter and attempting to get her into the Disneyland Parks for free. The daughter was hiding inside a car seat in a stroller and was immediately caught.

A fight broke out at Disneyland Park after a guest attempted to intervene in what they thought was child abuse as a mother was caught on video screaming at their child. The ordeal was posted and shared on TikTok’s famous social media platform.

Several Disneyland Annual Pass holders were ejected from the property after they were caught conducting numerous serious offenses, with line jumping being the final straw. The pass holders have been banned from the parks for at least a year.

Front entrance to Disneyland Resort in California.
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Still a Great Place for You and Loved Ones

Despite these incidents, Disneyland is still a great place to enjoy with your loved ones. Disneyland is one of the world’s most iconic and beloved theme parks. Located in Anaheim, California, it was the brainchild of Walt Disney and opened its doors on July 17, 1955. Disneyland is often referred to as “The Happiest Place on Earth” and has played a significant role in the entertainment industry’s history.

The park is divided into two main sections: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Disneyland Park is where visitors can experience classic attractions like Sleeping Beauty Castle, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and the beloved “it’s a small world” ride. It’s a place where guests can step into the enchanting worlds of Disney’s memorable characters and stories.

Disney California Adventure Park, on the other hand, offers a more contemporary and diverse experience. It features attractions inspired by California’s history and culture, including the thrilling Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! Ride and the Cars Land area, inspired by the popular Pixar film.

Disneyland’s unique blend of nostalgia, innovation, and storytelling has made it a must-visit destination for people of all ages. It continues to evolve and expand, keeping the magic of Disney alive for new generations of visitors. The park’s commitment to immersive storytelling, world-class entertainment, and top-notch hospitality has solidified its place in the hearts of millions around the globe.

Mickey Mouse in front of the Disneyland Resort castle in California in black and white
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Family Gets Stuck on Disney Park Elevator Caught on Film

Aside from the incidents mentioned above, the worst thing that can happen to someone is getting ready to head home for the evening to find out that your night is far from over – and not in the best way.

@_vgomezmarin posted a video to TikTok showing the horrifying moment she and her family got stuck on an elevator leaving Disneyland Park:


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According to the guest mentioned above, they were on their way back from an evening at Disneyland when they attempted to board an elevator to presumably head back to their vehicle. That’s when they became terrified after noticing that they were, in fact, stuck on the elevator.

The family, comprising of several children, adults, and a baby, were stuck in the elevator for a long period of time. The older adult male can be seen on the phone attempting to contact Disneyland security or the Fire Department. According to the comment section, they were stuck in the elevator for about an hour when they were finally set free from the confined space.

Thankfully the family is okay and the children were all able to go home without any injuries, although this will likely be a night they will never forget.

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