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Two young girls watching a Walt Disney World Halloween Parade come down Main Street, U.S.A.

Credit: @thewordenfam on TikTok


  1. Appalachian

    That video itself is enough to traumatize the Disney enthusiast.

  2. Dan

    Stop posting old crap. Jess you are terrible

  3. Chris Wood

    Instead of canceling things, they should post signs and stress when booking a Disney Halloween trip, it maybe scary for certain ages. And I have every confidence that the child wasn’t traumatized at all. Probably the best trip she ever had.

  4. Lupe

    Your kids are wick if this is scary…

  5. Sorry I don’t see where she looked scared at all. Twirling and swaying. No screams or covering her face. People need to get over themselves. If your child scares easy do not take them to a Halloween theme event.

  6. P.C.Knott

    How and when was this girl “traumatized”?

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