Op-Ed: You Should Let Guests Cut in Front of You at Disney Parks

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You heard that correctly; you should let guests cut in front of you at Disney parks, whether it’s Disneyland or Disney World Resort, and others agree. But mind you, there is a limit to what I am trying to get across. Hear me out.

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Line Jumping and Line-Place Holding Becoming a Huge Problem at Disney Parks

Before my statement in the article’s headline, it should be noted that line jumping and line-place holding have become an increasingly prominent problem at Disney Parks worldwide. This week alone, 60 young girls decided to line jump on Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney World inside Animal Kingdom Park.

Inside The Magic, they had reported on line jumping plenty of times, including this summer when guests became heavily angered by the line-jumping tactics used by other guests throughout the parks. These tactics include what’s called “line place holding,” which is when one person or several people will hold a place in a line for an attraction at one of the Disney Resorts throughout the country and world and then have one person or several people join them in the bar, essentially cutting everyone else as their group or family members join up with those who placed the hold in line.

But the problem with this is that everyone else who has stood in line has now let one person or sometimes several people line cut in front of them, which can infuriate those who will not allow that behavior to be conducted. These instances have been known to lead to altercations resulting in verbal assault or physical assault while people are in the lines.

Tons of videos have been posted to social media platforms such as TikTok, showcasing physical altercations because of line jumping and line-place holding.

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Disney Cast Members Do Their Jobs but Only When the Actions Are Seen or Told to Them

Disney cast members have been known to step in and handle situations like the ones mentioned above where they will notice line jumpers and line cutters and will pull those individuals aside and either have Disney security assess the problem or the cast members remove the people involved entirely and not allow them to ride and sometimes even kick those folks out of the park, like the family of Pass holders at Disneyland Resort who decided to line jump and were caught by an off-duty cast member.

Other times, cast members will have someone come up to them and tell them they witnessed someone else line jump, line cut, or line-place hold for too many people. Often, cast members will handle the situation accordingly and deal with these folks in a reasonable and fitting manner.

But more often than none, the Disney guests who line jump, line cut, or line-place hold will never see Disney security or get apprehended by a cast member because the people who saw the situation happen will not speak up and just either let the actions slide or will simple not permit those people from passing through the line.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s evident and apparent that this problem is big and sparks debate amongst Disney guests worldwide. So what if one person line jumps? So what if one person holds the line for someone else, and you have to wait for another person to enter the attraction before you? So what do other guests have to say about this?

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Should You Hold a Place in Line for an Attraction for Someone Else at The Disney Parks?

Social media allows people to speak up and share their opinions and stories regarding experiences inside the Disney Parks.

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

Reddit user u/Acrobatic_Watch_9359 posted an interesting and heated post to the r/Disneyland subreddit page, stating the following:
Holding places in line. Ok or not ok?

Holding places in line: wrong or not wrong?

While waiting for Radiator Racers a few weeks ago on a very hot day, a couple in front of us, we’ll call them Sally and Jack, had 2 friends join them in line after we had been waiting for 45 minutes or so. I didn’t say anything. A few minutes later, the 2 people left. Then around minute 60, Sally got on her phone and loudly said “come up here” while waving at people towards the back of the line. I told Sally she was welcome to join them back where they were. Sally was shocked I spoke up and said “it’s fine”. She continued to tell the people to join her and Jack. I told Sally “it will be fine after you join them. You shouldn’t be bringing people up here after we’ve waited all this time.” Jack said “it’s my family, you would do the same thing if it was your family.” I said “no my family is with me in line because we were all ready to get in line.” Jack and Sally then ignored me (but made sure to call me names when they thought I wasn’t listening). Around minute 75, TEN PEOPLE joined Jack and Sally. TEN! I loudly said “you are unbelievably rude, how disrespectful to those of us who have been waiting.” Jack turned to me and said “stop being a racist. You’re only acting like this because you’re white and we aren’t”. I shut my mouth realizing he just wanted me to react. He just wanted me to explode and go viral so I stopped interacting. I told the cast member we came upon who sent us to the front of the line. I didn’t want that, I wanted Jack and Sally to have consequences but the cast member said “that fight isn’t worth it.” Witnesses backed us up that they all skipped. It was so frustrating. When telling the story to a friend, they told me I shouldn’t worry about things like that and it’s too hard for some people to wait. So Reddit, were Jack and Sally in the right and was I the bad guy for saying something to them? Have you experienced this before? Am I wrong for thinking the cast member should have said something? Am I crazy for thinking cast members elsewhere would have approached them?

According to the guest above, the situation, like many before this, resulted in a verbal altercation where someone mishandled the problem and called someone else out for being racist, even though there is no concrete evidence to prove that.

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The guest simply decided to let the other person know that what they were doing was not okay and should not be practiced openly as it leads to angered folks and dishonest. But what grabbed readers’ attention, like you and me, was not the story itself but rather the outcome. They were told by cast members that “that fight isn’t worth it,” and their friend even said, “they should not worry about things like that.”

The guest then went on to ask the following question:

So Reddit, were Jack and Sally in the right and was I the bad guy for saying something to them? Have you experienced this before? Am I wrong for thinking the cast member should have said something? Am I crazy for thinking cast members elsewhere would have approached them?

So far, this post has over 150 comments from guests have given their honest and humble opinion on this matter. One user, u/lougolas, said, “Not okay. I can understand a parent taking a small child to the bathroom and needing to rejoin family, not a large group. Especially when the number of people joining is more than the number in line! Your friend said it’s too hard for some people to wait – that is what the DAS system is designed for. If they really can’t wait in line, the solution is to follow that process, not cut in line.”

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Another guest, u/Not_Steve mentioned, “I’m okay with one or two meeting up in line, what if they went to the bathroom or some other very valid reason I don’t know? But 10? No. That’s ridiculous. However, the CM was right. It’s not worth the fight. I am proud of you for recognizing the racial bait and not picking it up, though. That can be hard to not react to. Like, no. I wasn’t staring at you because you’re Black, I was staring because you had your hand down the back of your pants in public, teenage girl. Don’t do that.”

Then you had users telling their stories of their incidents like the one mentioned above. One user, u/alyas94 said “This happened to me on Friday where two people were in front of me in line for finding Nemo, then they started waving their family over. They ended up being a party of SIXTEEN. Normally I really don’t mind if people join you in line, but 16 was insane.”

One disabled guest even spoke up and said, “It really grinds my gears when a large group is trying to cut the line like that asks me if I can move my wheelchair out of the way to let them pass. No, I really actually can’t. And then they climb over me.”

“They were wrong to cut in line. At the same time, the cast member was right when they said the fight isn’t worth it. The idea of kicking them out of line would have been a 45-minute headache for the cast members and would have been exhausting. Sometimes, the cost of what would be just is not worth the effort. Sometimes you just have to let go of small things, just allow annoying people to be rude and take advantage, and go on and live your life without letting them drag down the rest of your day,” said u/Prince_Jellyfish.

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Bottom Line and My Final Thoughts

Disney’s queuing system ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy the attractions, regardless of whether they are regular or first-time guests. When someone jumps the line, it disrupts this carefully crafted system and can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction among other park-goers who have patiently waited their turn.

Moreover, line jumping is fundamentally unfair. Disney parks are often crowded, and wait times can be extended in popular attractions. Those who remain in line do so by the park’s rules, and line jumpers can create a sense of injustice and inequality. This unfairness can lead to conflicts and disputes among visitors, detracting from the overall experience and resulting in security interventions.

Disney parks strongly emphasize creating a magical and harmonious environment for all visitors. Line jumping disrupts this harmony and can negatively impact the overall atmosphere of the park. All guests need to adhere to the park’s rules and etiquette to ensure that everyone has a pleasant and memorable experience. For these reasons, line jumping is discouraged and unacceptable at Disney or any theme park.

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Ultimately, you should let someone cut before you at Disney Park only if it is an emergency or special occasionOutside of this, it truly depends on the situation and only if you believe you are making the right decision. Line jumping or line cutting, because someone else held your place in that line, will not always work, mainly if you deal with individuals who will not allow that type of behavior to occur. You often undoubtably deal with mean or angry guests as you approach your group, family, or partner.

Be mindful when getting in line for a ride at a theme park like Disney World Resort, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort or any theme park for that matter. It is best to not get in line if you can not wait in said line for long periods of time without everyone in your party included. Yes, accidents do happen and there are circumstances in which you can not join your party until much later. But just be mindful and respectful when making your way towards the front.

Do not push, shove, yell, curse, or do anything else that will anger or upset or disrespect those in which are kindly moving out of the way for you to join your family. A little kindness can go a long way.

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