Disney Has No Say in Vaxxing Rules, Court Cites “Fatal Flaws”

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Undoubtedly, the pandemic changed everything, and in doing so, it started a critical conversation about Disney and vaxxing.

Mickey Mouse in front of Magic Kingdom wearing a face mask with COVID viruses floating in the background.
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Vaccination Requirements: Covid 19 Vaccine for Disney Park Guests

The Walt Disney Company was with the rest of us, experiencing the pandemic and how it ravaged the world. Some Disney Fantasy experiences still require vaccinations, including outlets of the cruise line and Walt Disney World Resort options that are present globally. It’s best to know which COVID-19 vaccine to have; checking the Disney Cruise Line is the way to go.

As for the remainder of the Disney Dream, the company still falls to the law of the land. If a jurisdiction has a vaccine mandate, so does the Walt Disney Company. There was a moderate resurgence in Disneyland Paris earlier in 2023, so vaccine requirements and the risk of unvaccinated guests left many concerned.

Ron DeSantis on the left and girl in mask due to COVID-19 at Disney World
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How the Walt Disney Company and Staff Factors In

Yet recent reports show that Disney is a publicly traded company and not a state actor (such as the Center for Disease Control or the State and Federal Governments), so it has no onus regarding vaccination requirements.

It does have to follow the law of the land, keeping passengers safe, from the United States to Asia, by listening to local governments about everything from face-covering techniques to testing regulations.

It reaps certain benefits when facing legal challenges regarding vaccine requirements and employees.

Disney and Vaxxing Problems: It All Started With ESPN

Earlier in 2023, former Walt Disney Company outlet ESPN fired Allison Williams for reasons relating to the vaccine mandate. After employment termination, alongside two others, she filed for a discrimination lawsuit on religious grounds. Per recent news, the move against the Walt Disney Company had “multiple fatal flaws.”

According to a recent Brian Steel of Law 360 report, the Walt Disney Company is not a “state actor” in the Covid 19 vaccination dispute. As such, it should not have to “face a federal lawsuit brought by three fired employees of its subsidiary ESPN.”

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Private and Public Business v. Government

When the matter is public health, the appropriate governing department provides relevant advice and information. For example, disease control advised masks, taking a COVID-19 test, and following the vaccination requirement of the jurisdiction.

While businesses and individuals may object to the premise, it does not force a company to act against a governing body. This shows through the recent news that Disney is safe from reprisal after terminating three employees unable or unwilling to meet the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Florida COVID Transmission
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How the Pandemic Continues Impacting Guests

As the pandemic is a virus, it adapts. So do the rules that protect Disney guests and the most vulnerable members of the population. The CDC website is a great resource to learn more about the regulations.

For those taking a Disney Cruise Line that docks abroad, check the local news for information. As we’ve learned from the most recent Disney and vaxxing news, it’s up to the individual to choose the correct course.

What do you think about the Walt Disney Company having a say in vaccine requirements? Rightful termination or not? Share in the comments!

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