Disney Gets Desperate, Adds Mickey Mouse to the Avengers Team

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Mickey Mouse with Captain America and the Avengers

Credit: Inside the Magic

Mickey Mouse has been many things, but nobody expected the Disney icon to join the Avengers.

Mickey Mouse looking scared
Credit: Disney

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Mickey Mouse’s future seems uncertain after being around for almost 100 years. Instead of creating more stories with Mickey, Disney is concerned others will soon be able to adapt their own stories with the character due to how copyrights work. It won’t be long before Disney is plagued with terrible low-budget horror movies ruining the character’s legacy after the character is in the public domain. While the company has plenty of characters to be the face of their company, it’s hard to replace Mickey Mouse.

Disney fans are worried that Walt Disney’s legacy will soon be absent from the company, with all of the recent live-action remakes and specific IPs close to reaching the end of their copyright agreements. Walt made the company what it is today, and fans hope that people like Bob Iger won’t tarnish Disney’s legacy. It’s hard to tell what will happen to the Walt Disney Company, with reports stating that Iger might be “overwhelmed” and “exhausted” after trying to keep the company afloat.

Mickey Mouse and Goofy and Donald Duck dressed up Avengers in a Marvel variant cover
Credit: Marvel Comics

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This didn’t stop Disney from forcing Mickey Mouse into a new crossover that desperately attempts to bring Mickey back into the spotlight. To celebrate the Avengers and X-Men’s 60th anniversary, Disney somehow thought bringing Mickey and his friends into variant covers for “The Amazing Spider-Man” and telling alternate stories with Mickey would be smart. Marvel showed off the three different covers, and while it’s fun to see them dressed up as an Avenger or X-Men, it shows how Disney doesn’t want to tell more stories with Mickey.

Instead of telling more original stories with the character and giving the character more love and a proper send-off, Disney just wants Mickey to appear in crossovers and Mickey merchandise to help make more money for the House of Mouse without actually doing much work. It’s a shame because fans would love to see more stories told with Mickey Mouse. After seeing all the live-action remakes and the animated movies, not including any of the classic iconic characters, it feels like Mickey’s legacy will end tragically.

Mickey Mouse in variant covers for Avengers and X-Men crossovers
Credit: Marvel Comics

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Back on April Fools, Chris Pratt did joke about starring in a Mickey Mouse movie, but this is something that fans would rather see over having the character appear as an Avenger. If Disney made a new story with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and all of the characters that have appeared in the different stories with Mickey, this would be a perfect way to end his story. Don’t end the story on a sad note like what Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) did, but end the story with a happy ending where fans would feel satisfied knowing that Mickey got one final hurrah before Disney picks another character to be the face of their brand.

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