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Clarabelle Cow looks shocked as Disney guests fight during a parade at Disneyland Paris.

Credit: @magicmomentnews on TikTok


  1. Frank

    Yep Disney Land is the same. Locate a spot 30 minutes or more B4 parade and latecomers try to push u out of the way. Really makes for a bad experience

  2. CJA

    With all the complaints of how Disney has gone downhill, some legitimate, nothing has plummeted to new lows more than the behavior of the guests.

  3. Gary

    Arrest the aggressors and ban them for life !

  4. Seriously people need to grow up. 😒🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Rebecca

    Ruining everyone’s time because can’t be adults

  6. Amanda H

    The happiest place on earth, right?

  7. Doris

    Enough of these young woke tourists at the parks causing fights. One group rushed the train and pushed an elderly lady out of the way.
    Please note IF I ever run across a confrontation from a socalled tourist touching me or shoving me in any way shape or form it will be dealt with by me!!!!
    I WILL NOT ALLOW some bully to overcome me they will be sorry I will not stand for it and I may have some scuff marks but I guarantee you they will be much worse and hopefully learn a lesson. People have had enough of this fighting at the parks and I will take matters into my own hand to see that I am not bullied by ANYONE

    1. You will get your butt whooped by a man please stop being woke gas lighting women

  8. Tattykattav

    It’s horrible how adults act now a days. And most demonstrate their aggressive behavior in front their children and other kids around. Ruins the magic for them.

  9. And this is why monkeys should not be allowed in there with their niglettes. The only cause problems

  10. Disappointed viewer

    How shameful is this what our 🌎 world is coming too? I hope that both parties are charged by the authorities for their brutal behavior. We need to pray for our country 🙏 even more than ever!

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