Disney Confirms New ‘Snow White’ Plot, New Characters Revealed

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Rachel Zegler and Snow White

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Typically, when a movie releases the first look into a highly anticipated film, it is a big moment for the production, as well as fans. Since many are anticipating the new story, the small tease keeps fans excited and gives them something to nibble on, in theory, while the release date may be far away. For production, it is meant to create a buzz around the movie, getting others invested in the story that is about to be told.

Disney's Snow White looking terrified against a background of green eyes
Credit: Disney

In the end, this is all meant to be a positive moment in the spotlight.

Disney’s live-action Snow White, however, did not get that same treatment.

If you’ve been following the recent developments in the live-action adaptation of Snow White, you’re likely aware that many Disney enthusiasts have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lead actor, Rachel Zegler.

Zegler’s stance on the original storyline of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) has drawn criticism. The 1937 film, which marked Walt Disney’s foray into feature films, has remained a beloved classic for years, so when Disney announced its plans for a live-action version of its very first princess, many fans were excited.

Disney’s choice to cast Latina actress Rachel Zegler in the role raised some concerns, given the traditional portrayal of Snow White as having skin “as white as snow.” Many still embraced the casting decision, as Zegler had recently showcased her singing talent in the role of Maria in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story.

Rachel Zegler pretending to be Snow White in front of a poster of the classic animated princess
Credit: Rachel Zegler via Twitter

Critics from various quarters have condemned Zegler for her unconventional interpretation of the original film, as well as the fact that she is a non-white actress portraying Snow White.

The initial backlash against the casting decision gradually escalated when fans heard Rachel Zegler discuss the upcoming film. In multiple interviews, she indicated that the new adaptation would depart significantly from the 1937 version, which had been created by Walt Disney himself, characterizing it as “strange.”

Furthermore, Zegler hinted that Andrew Burnap, who plays Jonathan, might see his role completely revised or eliminated at the discretion of the studio. Luckily, this is something that is likely false, as he is the leader of the seven bandits… a new group of characters we will explain shortly.

Zegler expressed, “I just mean that it’s no longer 1937. We’ve created a Snow White where she won’t rely on a prince for salvation, and she won’t be yearning for true love. Instead, she aspires to become the leader her late father believed she could be if she embodied qualities like fearlessness, fairness, bravery, and truth.”

Snow White's true love's kiss
Credit: Disney

Once this video became popular on social media, it quickly gained widespread attention. Many individuals were dismayed by Disney’s apparent departure from the idea of female characters pursuing their one true love, as depicted in Zegler’s portrayal of Snow White. It seemed as though desiring a “happily ever after” was being cast in a negative light as “un-feminist” or weak.

Zegler lost her role in Paddington 3 due to the ongoing strike affecting her schedule, however others thought this may be a precurssor for another role lost with Snow White. While some rumors swirled, Disney’s new graphic from the live-action film shows Zegler as the titular character, cementing her in the film.

Another interesting thing that we got to see from the graphic was that there will indeed be seven dwarfs — for a while, Disney noted that there will not be dwarfs but “magical creatures”, then still were released from shooting, where we saw a group of people who were following Snow White on a field, and instantly, many believed we found the magical creatures.

Snow White
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While one of these actors was a dwarf, others were not — all actors ranged in shape, size, gender, and race adding a ton of diversity to the film. This is why many were shocked to see the Disney image of Snow White surrounded by what looks to be CGI dwarfs who look nothing like the characters caught on camera during filming.

Rachel Zegler as Snow White in Disney's live-action version of Snow White
Credit: Disney

Now, Disney make-up artist Nadia Stacey, who also worked on Cruella, has spoken out, confirming that there are two groups, the seven dwarfs with Snow, and the seven bandits with Jonathan. It seems that the term “magical creatures” is no longer being used, possibly to avoid confusion.

It was stated, “According to Nadia Stacey and her team, who’s doing hairstyle and makeup for Disney’s live-action SNOW WHITE, The Seven Dwarfs are in the film from the get-go and those Seven Bandits belong to Andrew Burnap’s character Jonathan who’s the leader. Two different groups!”

As we have never seen Prince Charming, or in this film, Jonathan, with a group of seven for himself, this will certainly shake up the plot of the film.

Disney’s Snow White also received a major delay due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, it will now debut on March 1, 2025, as opposed to 2024, when it was originally slated.

Do you think that the new “seven bandit” confirmation will be a positive addition to the movie? 


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